Opinion: Changes I'd like to see in Classic

I have bad news for you… the debuff cap in vanilla/classic was 16, not 40.

40man raids were never about individual play though, it was more about group organization and guild co-operation; everyone usually had to share and/or give something up to do it. Damage meters were a metric for the group to fix, not necessarily an individual. If you prefer personal responsibility then the 5-20man content will give much more of that.

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Wow so many haters. I for one think some of those changes are reasonable and would not detriment too much from the authentic feel. Since we’re not getting an authentic Vanilla experience anyhow, some of these minor changes he proposed are not all that bad. Like pally taunt, oomkin, ah interface, auto loot w/ no shift key.

Auto-loot exists already. I’ve seen streamers using it in beta. I think he means AOE loot, which shouldn’t be in Classic (and won’t be).

This has been gone over till people are blue in the face, but I’ll try again. Adding pally taunt, just that one thing would change so much about Classic that it’s really difficult to think anyone that wants it understands what the project is about. The various Blizzard posts make it obvious they’re not going to change class balance. That covers oomkin as well.

Not sure why the interface should be changed since it can be changed with addons anyway.

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Yes it’s in the beta I’ve tested it myself. I’m no streamer though AND I have beta access! WHAAaaAAaaATTt!? How is that even possible?

No. Keep classic classic, we like the game they way it was, BFA that way ---->

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All of these are sensible requests.

All the changes that you’ve missed mentioned are completely fine however As far as the class changes go just give us wrath classes and I think we’d be golden.

It literally fixes everybody Everybody is finished and We wouldn’t be as strong as we would be in wrath if they only gave us 60 talent points instead of 71.

So just give us talent points from level one and severable 10 and were good.

As far as everything else yeah I don’t see a single problem with anything you mentioned

Well two years later, a few things actually made it to this new seasonal. It would be amazing if they did touch up a few class talents, however I don’t think those are the changes that will be even considered.

Ideally, they should adjust the length of phases.

Besides the changes already announced. I see possibly

  1. More loot drops
  2. G banks
  3. Curb stomping boosting (Already hinted at)
  4. higher gold drop rates
  5. 3rd style AH, think fencer like.

I would like to see Pal and Dru get some talent love and a spell/skill or two. I wouldn’t hold my breathe on this though.

Also all the people that clapped for no changes ever, heh that aged well!!!

Who would force you to play classic+?

Let’s be real, you just dont want other players to enjoy something right? Because it goes against your purity view of the game.

I’d like to see everything in the crusade patch.

The Burning Crusade solves most of the problems OP is looking to address. While I agree with you, these are good changes, they just won’t sit well with people who like Classic for what it was.

Your best bet would be to assemble a level 60 twink guild in TBC Classic.