Opinion: Changes I'd like to see in Classic

You are MONTHS too late to be requesting changes to Classic. MONTHS.

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No. Their only ranged slot item they can use are librams, which are pretty potent. They had to use an item that let them throw at range to pull.

Love these posts that start out by calling people ignorant if they disagree with you, then proceed to beat a dead horse with a book long narrative. lol

Sounds like private servers are for you!! #no changes.

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Reads title and scrolls down to the bottom


You clearly put a lot of work and thought into this list, so I’m not going to demean you by just typing "No <10 characters>. You deserve a thoughtful point by point refutation.

  1. Give Paladins a taunt

  2. Let feral druids parry

  3. Let Feral Druids interact with items in shapeshift forms

  4. Fix Oomkins

  5. Remove the 40 debuff cap on raid bosses
    No. Also, holy crap do I have some bad news for you if you think you’re getting 40 debuff slots.

  6. Allow HoTs from different healers to stack

  7. Give pets aoe damage reduction (I was told this was absent in 1.12) to make pet-based specs viable in raids (demonology warlock and beast mastery hunters)

Quality of Life Changes:

  1. Easier use of mail (some of this is already in BETA)
    ability to attack multiple items, ability to right click/shift+right click to add/remove items from mail. Maybe even add a mailbox near the Darnassus auction house to be more in line with what SW and IF have.

No. If you want improved mail functionality, download a mod.

  1. Auction house interface (basing this on my 1.12 private server experience)
  • Let us post multiple auctions at once instead of having to manually post each stack.
    If you want
  • Add a reset button to AH interface
    a better AH interface
  • Let us shift-click an item to search its name in AH
    download a mod
  1. Add Guild Banks to facilitate organization of consumables for 40 man raids. Allow officers to restrict access

  2. Add auto-loot option in settings (already in beta)
    Shift right click autoloots. If you mean AoE loot.

  3. 1.12 WoW actually had a group finder mechanic - it was just horrible. You could click stones or talk to inn keepers to queue for a dungeon. But no one used it. Fix this to make it work, but keep it restricted only to your server.

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Yeah, about that, there was never a vote.

It has to resemble the original game enough that it protects their copyright to the game. Changes CAN be made, though, it’s just that Blizzard decided not to. But since classic is NOT being made for any specific group of people, if he wants to suggest some changes, let him. Suggestions for changes were a part of classic, so if you’re really on board with #nochanges, let him have his voice.

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Most major changes, (if any) have already happened. They won’t go any further now that we’re in Beta.

I would also like some changes, but I agree with the community to keep this a museum piece with the least amount of changes.

  1. Giving Paladins taunt would be great, but I would also say if that change occurred you would have to give Horde Paladins. Alliance already have a strong advantage in PvE and AV. Paladins could go Engineering or use Exorcism on Undead for ranged pulls.

  2. I always wanted swipe to hit in a frontal cone and Blizz made it even better in a later expansion with AoE swipe. I still found it funny how my bear could swipe with his hind legs.

I learned to live with Warriors being the only main tanks in the game.

  1. I wanted this as well especially Barkskin. It just made me be very quick with my shifts and situational.

  2. They were considered Boomkins in Vanilla also. It was a very strong PvP spec and very hard to kill a good druid. A good reason for the term Hybrid Tax.

  3. Cap was 8 then 16. see 6.

  4. Encounters were balanced around certain aspects of the game. I would consider this one of them. Having these things changed would be great, but then the rest of the game would need to be retuned. That would be awesome with harder raids, but I would hate having 4 difficulties of each like now.

  5. Most encounters are very simple. Knowing when to send in your pet and when to retreat was part of the skill involved. Most Warlocks sacked their pet or used Imp with Phase Shift for tanks.

Not even gonna touch your quality of life section other than in the Beta there is World chat and you are not stuck looking for parties in major cities.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m almost missing those dumb chances thread. At least they were entertaining.

Boomkins are garbage in PVP, any decent druid will tell you that. 21/21/9 or balance+NS specs are much better.

Sorry it has been a long time, but I remember them being a pain in open world PvP. I would think a hybrid build would be even better. I don’t know about pserver metas and how it has changed.

How about no. If you want these type of features go continue to play BFA, maybe try getting yourself a mythic BOD kill.

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We always seem to get one of you every week. Tell the truth, you are the same guy just with different toons. It’s funny how you guys all think you are so original and that we will all embrace your brilliant ideas.

Like, I am seriously curious how you show up THIS LATE to the party and expect that any of this stuff hasn’t been discussed?

Also how do you NOT check the search function to check to see if this conversation has been had before (Many times…oh GOD so many times)

Le sigh…oh well.

Short answer: NO Changes - kthanxbye

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Well YOU don’t have to embrace a single thing by him, because you’re not Blizzard, and you’re not designing the game. If they decide they want to make some of these changes because so many people are vocal about it, tough, deal with it, because at the end of the day YOU ARE NOT BLIZZARD

For someone whose been playing for 15 years, you would think that you’d know the answer and opinion to this insurmountable, waste of time for a post.

As someone who has been playing for 15 years, you have 0 authority over anyone else. I even know people who have been playing since Cataclysm who advocate for purely the original experience. At no point did Blizzard ever say that WoW Classic is, will be or intended to be WoW+, additional content past Naxx, etc.

Your opinion of how things should be is irrational and not warranted, not once did Blizzard ever ask for our opinion on how Classic should be. Once you start down this path, it’s not much different than retail. Don’t like it? Don’t play it.

Let these “changes” posts die already.

TL;DR - No.

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No layering, an earlier version of AV, and the Ivory Raptor.

ohhhh I get it. You don’'t want classic. Just the level cap reduced to 60. What is the point of going back to classic only to change things more modern again?

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Retail is over there —>

Sorry, but major class changes like that wont be happening in Classic

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Hell NO!!! No changes to classic . That’s why it’s called classic . You want changes go play retail . Since paladins won’t be as op in classic , I’ll be hunting them down and clip their wings . lol

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You will heal as a druid and paladin, and you will LIKE it.