Opinion: Changes I'd like to see in Classic

I have played WoW for nearly 15 years and I consider it to be one of the greatest games of all time. I am ecstatic to go back to vanilla and relive that adventure when WoW Classic goes live. However, as amazing and revolutionary as vanilla wow was, to deny that it had flaws or could be improved (ie. #nochanges) is, in my mind, ignorant. Here I’ve listed the changes that I would like to see implemented in WoW classic. These are of course biased based on my own experiences playing vanilla, playing modern, and playing on private servers (mainly played druids/priests/warlocks)

Changes relating to class balance:

  1. Give Paladins a taunt
    Of the three tanking classes in 1.12 WoW (Warrior, Druid, and Paladin), Paladins were the only class without a taunt. They were also the class that arguably needed it most because:
  • they had no ranged attacks to pull a mob. This meant a safe pull often requires another player to pull and then for the paladin to pick up agro.

  • A large fraction of a paladin’s threat was generated by BEING hit (Blessing of Sanctuary, Holy Shield). In Vanilla, threat was a big deal and sometimes dps would pull mobs off a tank. Good luck regaining threat when you aren’t being hit

  • Consecration (one of the best ways a pally has to pick up threat on multiple mobs) was a 11 point HOLY talent in 1.12, meaning many pally tanks couldn’t even get it without drastically delaying their protection build

  1. Let feral druids parry
    I realize many people will freak out about this and say it doesn’t make sense, but actually animals parrying is already in 1.12 vanilla WoW. I was in bear form fighting Moonstalkers and Thistle Bears in Darkshore and imagine my surprise when these bears and cats parried my attacks. Feral druids not parrying is actually an exception to this general rule. According to Vanilla WoW, animals CAN parry attacks.

By allowing Paladins to Taunt, and Druids to Parry, you level the playing field moreso between the three tanks and increase diversity of raiding parties. In original Vanilla, Warriors were (mostly) the only tanks used in high-end progression raiding

  1. Let Feral Druids interact with items in shapeshift forms
    Another weakness of ferals is the inability to use potions, pick up quest items, etc in feral form. However, in 1.12 Feral druids CAN pick herbs, skin animals, and loot corpses in feral forms. This is inconsistent. Being able to use a healing potion while Bear tanking could also save a group from wiping. They are the only tanks that cannot do this in vanilla.

  2. Fix Oomkins
    Balance druids were so bad in Vanilla that they were often called Oomkins instead of Moonkins because they always ran out of mana. After Blizzard fixed this in modern, they have now come to be known as Boomkins, because they are effective ranged DPS. Adjust mana cost/regeneration in some way to make this spec viable

  3. Remove the 40 debuff cap on raid bosses
    The limit of 40 debuffs on a raid boss is an oversight that boggles my mind in a raid designed for 40 players. This implies that Blizzard expected no more than 1 debuff per person on a raid boss despite classes like affliction warlocks often using 4 simultaneous debuffs (corruption, immolate, curse, siphon life, etc). This limits the viability of dot-based classes such as warlocks and shadow priests in raid encounters

  4. Allow HoTs from different healers to stack
    In a 40 man raid, it seems absurd that two resto druids will over-write eachothers HoTs on a target. I am unsure if having multiple healers being able to renew/rejuvenate a single tank was causing some sort of cheapening of raid mechanics, but if a single enemy can have corruption from multiple Warlocks, why can’t a single ally have Renew from multiple Priests? This especially benefits classes who are meant to be HoT focused (Druids)

  5. Give pets aoe damage reduction (I was told this was absent in 1.12) to make pet-based specs viable in raids (demonology warlock and beast mastery hunters)

Quality of Life Changes:

  1. Easier use of mail (some of this is already in BETA)
    ability to attack multiple items, ability to right click/shift+right click to add/remove items from mail. Maybe even add a mailbox near the Darnassus auction house to be more in line with what SW and IF have.

  2. Auction house interface (basing this on my 1.12 private server experience)

  • Let us post multiple auctions at once instead of having to manually post each stack.
  • Add a reset button to AH interface
  • Let us shift-click an item to search its name in AH
  1. Add Guild Banks to facilitate organization of consumables for 40 man raids. Allow officers to restrict access

  2. Add auto-loot option in settings (already in beta)

  3. 1.12 WoW actually had a group finder mechanic - it was just horrible. You could click stones or talk to inn keepers to queue for a dungeon. But no one used it. Fix this to make it work, but keep it restricted only to your server. Many view cross-server queues as the beginning of the downfall of the sense of community many love about WoW. Also, have the queue ask what ROLES the person wants to fulfill. That lvl 18 priest with 5 points in spirit tap may want to heal, and that lvl 18 druid with 5 points in furor may want to tank. Specs weren’t black and white back then. In short, make the mechanic that already existed in 1.12 actually function the way it was intended.

These are all just my opinions, but I feel that these changes would make the game better without ruining what made vanilla so great: the difficulty, the RPG/fantasy elements, the community, etc. I hope the developers use Classic as an opportunity to improve on what was an already amazing but not perfect game. I’m sure I missed some things given that I have not played every class, but these are the changes I’d like to see.


Man you sure put a lot of work into all that. Too bad for you the answer will always and forever be no.

None of us get to decide what goes into vanilla, what gets changed and what doesn’t. Vanilla is what it is like it or not. Embrace it or don’t.


this isn’t the time to talk about changes


At least this isn’t a streamer thread…





Wishful thinking! +1 for the druid love too


My opinion is:


  • Blizzard obviously is open to making some changes as they already have.
  • If during a Beta test isn’t a good time to talk about changes, I’m not sure when is.
  • I stated in the title and the text, this was just my opinion. If you want to be all negative, w/e

How about this one?


No changes. They explicitly said they want to keep classic authentic because that’s what the community voted on. It’s essentially a museum of one of the most iconic games in history.


I just think of posts like this as the devs saying “Classic had problems and we are going to keep those problems to keep it the same”. Just saying that I think some problems should be fixed to make the experience better and not just authenticate to a flawed history /opinion

Blizzard also said that they will not be doing class balance.

The time to talk about Classic+ is after phase 6 has been out for a little bit. Right now people are going to get defensive about any and all changes because we’ve been wanting Vanilla WoW back for over a decade and people are arguing to change the thing before it’s even out.

Give us a chance to enjoy the game we’ve been fighting to get back first, then maybe some of us would be more receptive to the idea of Classic+ servers.

Right now the only changes are to support systems they feel they absolutely need. Layering to deal with population, right click report/loot trading because of reduced GM staff, etc.

They’re making the gameplay as close as they can possibly make it.


That is your opinion mate, For me it means ruined.


None of this is why Paladins are not good raid tanks. Only a few raid bosses are tauntable, most are immune.

They don’t work because they have a mana bar, and no set or offeset tanking gear available from raids. Mana means they are useless once it is gone, not having access to tank gear means they are useless once the bosses start trying to kill your tank every 2.5 seconds.

Bears have the highest armor, the highest dodge and now you want parry too? What stat would this come from? Parry has downsides, have you considered that?

Warriors are and were the defacto tanking class in pretty much any MMO up to and including WoW Vanilla.

Ferals can offtank quite well, and on specific encounters are equal to Warriors.

Remember that raid tank spots were never an issue in WoW with the exception of one encounter in the entire history of the game. It is 5 man tanking spots that have always been hard for groups to find and why basically every new class added to the game has been a tank class.

You are asking for a lot of changes. Have you considered how much the game would have to change to accommodate even some of the things you want?

That is why many of us are #teamnochanges


This basically sums up to be: “I want Classic to be retail”


Absolutely not. Just play Retail.


No dungeon finder, even if its restricted to same server. Im sick of Blizzard removing all incentive for people to actually communicate with each other. Its not supposed to be a single player game where the only thing you have to interact with is interface screens.

As for class balance, id like all classes to be viable too. But that is not what classic is supposed to be. Changes to things such as this would be fair to be discussed in the future while Blizzard and the community are discussing what to do after classic’s release plan has fully run its course, but not before then. And even then, it should be a classic community decision, not a Blizzard decision, and not a retail player decision.


Hey you want all these QOL changes? play retail wow… go play 8.2 :grinning:


Can’t paladins use throwing knives and axes like Warriors do?

Of course it had flaws. Nothing is perfect. But I think that’s part of the point of Classic. It’s Vanilla WoW; warts and all. Now, after a time, depending upon what Blizzard decide to do with it, we may see some changes. It is my sincere hope that there is a pristine Classic server always though, so people can experience what WoW was.