Open Season on Legitimate Multiboxing

No sympathy for you cheater. If you can’t play without a software controlling your characters why are you even playing?


Blizzards ban on the mirroring software isn’t going to be enforced by reports like these people, they’ll have some other mechanism for detecting, likely automated, and enforcing it.

I’ve never multiboxed but your comments are making me want to. lol

There are hardware solutions that enable the same thing so you can stop with the gloating. Folks just have to invest in said hardware and they’ll be right back at it. lol

Taking from the latest Blue Post.

You can still have as many licenses as you like online at a time, you just need to control them individually now.

I think the intent is clear, they want you to control each of them individually, won’t be long until they consider that one illegal as well.

But please do use the Hardware version for now.


and this is a good thing because? openly saying there are work arounds to cheating is somehow good for the game? i think you off your meds old man. hope you really think about what you just wrote and how stupid it sounds.

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Ok I shall!

You can’t play without using a third party software. Turn yourself in and uninstall, cheater.

Likewise. Try a little self awareness, friend.

Multiboxing is not cheating. Blizzard doesn’t consider it so, so it isn’t. That’s end of.

The term “alt tabbing” is a pet peeve of mind, because it describes a specific action (hitting the alt and tab key repeatedly to cycle through open applications), which doesn’t even resemble how people who understand how to use computers (and wow settings) use them. But hey, anybody who is so unsophisticated that they stack 6 applications full-screen and randomly alt tab through them because they like doing things the hard way is welcome to do so.

except the panda in this scenario is specifically talking about cheaters, not multiboxers. you are defending flooding the AH and other malicious activities the software allowed. which is now bannable BTW. so you basically just admitted to supporting work arounds to cheating. please think about what you type next time.

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No. The panda is directly calling all multiboxers cheaters no matter how they play and saying he will report everyone he sees.

Yeah I don’t bother correcting people when they say alt+tab

Left this in another thread. Multiboxers brought the problem upon themselves. By swarming, and causing chaos everywhere they were at with those 10, and 20, or more toon teams. If they hadn’t got carried away with it, and started abusing the game, and players around them using the software, then these discussions would not be happening, and blizz would not of had to clamp down on it in the first place. And yeah there will probably be some report abuse like there is on this forum. Seriously doubt most players had, or have a problem with people multiboxing. Or even using some of the software used for it. But when that software starts becoming disruptive, and causing problems for other players, then yep it’s going to get banned.


The panda was speaking broadly about all multiboxers judging from their previous comments.

None of those things that were mentioned are against the rules only the use of software to replicate keypresses.

Quit trying to be cute because it isn’t considered to be cheating by Blizzard which means it isn’t cheating in Blizzard’s game. lol

actually its quite obvious which type of multiboxers they are referring to. but i get it, the cheaters love their mental gymnastics.


I haven’t alt-tabbed in 20 years. People have multiple monitors and run all sorts of applications at the same time. How many alt-tab randomly to cycle through all those windows set to full-screen? I guess only people who don’t know how to use their settings.

That’s why they’re saying “It’s much harder to alt-tab as they’ll have to do now.” Not really any harder to use any of the windows I have open already, but it would be if I had them all set to full-screen like they apparently do.

I agree. People who need to cheat and lie… oh, you’re lying, because he was very specific about what he said. Are you an alt trying to cover? Or just an ordinary cheat?


but in the post the panda is talking about, they specifically stated things that a illegal software allowed. yes he is purposely labeling them as multiboxers to get some negative reactions, but anyone that isnt purposely being dense to troll can understand what he is trying to get across. so yes, you did defend cheating and also advertised its possible for work arounds. i think if you take your boomer meds, youll understand.

You’re adorable. You really are.

You’re making an assumption that doesn’t lie within the text (and which lacks the context of the poster’s previous statements in other threads) so that you can flame people.

Nothing they said was against the rules. Again, it’s only the software. Now go be insufferable to someone else.

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and what will you say if all key cloning is eventually enforced in the ban? i know you try so hard to purposely ignore this, but the population of multiboxers who abused the program are indeed deemed cheaters. And work arounds that promote this same cheating game play will also be taken care of, if it becomes a problem again. you quite possibly couldn’t bs your way out if it, but then again the delusions and mental gymnastics I’ve seen in my few days of resubbing because the announcement is quite unbelievable.

A blue specifically stated that it was only the aforementioned software that was being banned and mostly because it could be abused for botting.

Blizzard’s stance on multiboxing has not changed. That includes hardware tools or any other method excluding the specific softwares they mentioned.

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