Open beta?

Good idea or not? And why it would be a good idea , and why not?

It would be a bad idea because they would get flooded with troll bug reports and suddenly testing would become meaningless. The only real use for open beta would be a stress test (which come to think of it, why wasn’t the stress test completely open?)


It wasnt open for the same reason. Since they were leaving the servers open for a day to let people get a taste they would still get a ton of troll bug reports. I feel like if they do an open beta it wont be until like the last 2 or 3 days of the beta when the majority of bugs have been reported and people can just play the game.

Plus all the butt hurt on the forums from people who dont understand why their progress didnt save would be insane.

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What is an open beta? In most cases, it’s either a stress test or a preview for drawing in potential customers.

Blizzard has stress tests identified already and people don’t need a preview. We already know what we are purchasing.

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Not really a bad idea, just not an illogical/pointless one, or at least more illogical and pointless with time. They’ll probably have raised the cap on the CBT to 60 by July, then what, a week long OBT a month to a couple weeks before the games gonna release anyway?

^ didn’t think of that, got a point.

Probably for last two weeks or something. Just a little taste for those following the game, and to generate more interest in classic for a wider audience.

But they might not if they decide they aren’t interested and just want to do maintenance until aug 26.

I think the beta will end when name reservations go out.

It would be terrible… instead of checking for bugs they would have a 24 7 stress test… mainly because all the brain deads chasing streamers around…

Im one of those,
I want to be the very best… like no one ever was…

Not i want to chase around some streamer folalalaa type player.

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Blizzard sorta tried an “open” beta with Mists of Pandaria. It was a debacle. Too many people tried to get in and the beta servers couldn’t handle the load.

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Do you think all of those current bug reports that are not bugs are troll reports?

Yeah. An open beta is really just a demo. The point of the beta is to test, and the number of people Blizz picks is what is best for their testing/logging. Just being overcrowded all the time would be terrible for finding meaningful logs.

Indeed. My first thought was MoP and the annual pass as well and how poorly that went.

On top of everything else, letting everyone in early will just lower the excitement for the actual release for a lot of people.

bad idea, so many would just use it as their own personal demo

I want Beta just as much as the next person.

However, it should remain how it is. If you flood Beta with 3,000+ more people, you will definitely be flooded with just as much or more troll reports.

If there is an open beta. I say it should only be for like a week at most. Personally I am enjoying the time I have to plan things out before being able to play the game. The few times I have played from the stress test have only tighten the plan.

Honestly, I think an no-wipe open beta would be a great way Blizzard could release earlier than the ridiculously late 8/26 / 8/27 and save face. The should start the no-wipe open beta ASAP.

Nah that wouldn’t happen. Trolls need an audience that they can see reacting to their shenanigans. They don’t get that from submitting a bug.


There isn’t enough beta servers to handle the demand of an open beta. The amount of players would likely dwarf anything they have gotten in recent memory to the PTR.

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Save face?

For what?

You just want early access.

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I been in betas since Cata and each one after, I thought they all went into open because thats when I got invited, I doubt I ever got into closed betas because thats for rock

No. Or yes. I want WoW to release ASAP. I don’t care what they call it. I just want a permanent no wipe server to play on long before 8/26. EA, No Wipe Open Beta, Live, or some other term.

Not till 2 weeks before launch. Any earlier then that and I think it will kill the hype. They want people to sub and play Classic, but if people jump into the open beta and don’t feel like doing the grind, they will have unsubbed before launch.

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