Open beta?

You’re not getting it

Thats my whole point. I want to get it sooner than 8/26.

Probably no open beta.

So sick to death of beta threads.

Move along. :roll_eyes:

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Just need a little patience there

And you’re not gonna get it

Yes I certainly am.

Nope. Servers go live 8/26. Blizz isn’t changing things for you

a nowipe beta?, something that they have never done for any beta that they have ever done? Yah not gonna happen :O)


I’d probably be out if they did. No wipe at launch is the biggest no no on my list.

has any MMO ever done that?

No. Nor will they. It’s a bad idea

Yes, sadly. It’s why I don’t play Shroud of the Avatar.

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Nope. I’m getting it.

You think that.

An open beta period would have been a good idea if they’d planned for it.

A 30 day, or even 14 day open beta after the normal beta testing, just as a stress test, would have helped weed out the tourists and made for a much smoother launch.

Instead, they find themselves right up against the deadline.

The august 27th release date is not only right at the end of summer, but also decidedly in Q3. Q2 earnings reports would be due two weeks earlier.

From this I suspect two things.

Someone on the classic team went to bat for us, and insisted that the 27th was the absolute earliest it could be ready.


The ridiculous “sub two weeks early to reserve your name” thing is a direct result of that, since most of the people serious about Classic are probably going to pre-roll to get their names, ensuring that Blizzard gets a bump on subscriber numbers to show shareholders for Q2.

In short: An open beta period after most of the bug work was done would have been beneficial but the time crunch means there isn’t time for it.

I played a lot of MoP Beta and the servers were pretty stable maybe you did experience only the start?

You are very welcome. I’ll send you a hello from no-wipe open beta.

well if he is getting that , then I am getting the next Mega MIllions jackpot


I call that too.

Too late man, you get your no wipe TP, and I get the 400 million:O)