One of my favorite parts of classic was taken away

you can do lasher farm on your priest

Yeah, I agree that is stupid. Preaching to the choir here, I’m poor af. I have like 250g across my account because of my alt addiction. I still like to boost people though? and I’m not sure how this 30 cap fixes the economy? At all? If anything, its gonna get worse now?

I agree with you fully. Out side of raiding I enjoy solo instance farming and helping my guildies farm hard to get items such as HoJ or SGC. Now with this change implemented if I even continue to play and keep my sub I wont be nearly as likely help out on those runs anymore as it makes my resets to valuable

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This is a good point here. People talking about mages being mad, what about hunters farming DMN? Priests and locks farming DME and Mara? Warriors farming… SM? Lots of people farm stuff. What does capping them do? And if you are poor, go farm stuff?

You are delusional at best, most botters whether or not a botter is part of a network have multiple accounts…Just incase one gets banned, with 4 accounts this stops nothing…The only thing this changes is some of the small time botters might buy more accounts if they didn’t have 4 already, so the only thing this changes is how much more money blizz can milk out of the botters rather then stopping them

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So far I’ve only seen a few hardcore players, a few feral druids, and a large number of mages and botters complaining about this change.



Totally a reason to cap us.

Sure the bots aren’t slowed at all, but hey, he got the mages to cry. GOT 'EM

Well I’m sorry you’re now limited on your boost runs but this change puts an obstacle in front of botters, not a large one necessarily but enough to cause discomfort and a hit to profit, so I will support Actiblizz in this. Whether you subscribe to the naive view that botters are using stolen accounts (that original account owners are somehow still paying for? lmao), that botters are getting classic game time from bot farming in retail, or that botters are running legit accounts with possible stolen ccs, it still will require manhours to fix their programs for the new 24 hour limit in classic.

So yes, even if that’s a 45 minute code rewrite or process fix it does slow down the bots on a per realm basis.

Sure it is, people pee in it all the time which is why we get measures like the one they’ve implemented.

If people stopped buying gold the bots would go away, but it’s a matter of entitled people wanting items that are expensive(in game money) RIGHT NOW rather than saying “Hey, that’s a nice thing I sure wish I could afford it”.


Still have to go look at my lockout notepad and do math now every time I just want to play the game and help a friend in an instance. Doesn’t sound like fun or an improvement to me.

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Absolutely mistaken. The majority do not support the change.

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You’re mistaking loud and angry with the majority.

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Well there have been plenty of legitimate arguments against it and there are better ways that have also been suggested to deal with botters. And arguments for it have been pretty weak. Inconveniencing a botter to have to code for 45 minutes at the cost of other actual players is ridiculous.

At this point people are just flinging the same arguments at each other over and over.

So I’m just gonna end this with - Dear Blizzard, I disagree with your tactics and feel a 30 cap is more harmful than good to your players, and is not in spirit with Vanilla. Please consider changing or abolishing it. Thank you.

There is no benefit. It was made with the spirit of hampering bots but bots will just bot more accounts and, in the end, make even more profits while paying Blizzard even more cash.

Players benefit from this change not at all.


The cap won’t stop botters, they will just rotate realms/accounts. It will hurt genuine players, whether it be booters/boostees, players farming old dungs for w/e reason, druids farmin MCP and others mentioned in this thread. Voicing my displeasure.


Funny, I’ve yet to see an argument against it that’s convincing besides a casual player mentioning he does all of his runs on one day, which seems to be the exception. I guess for the hardcore crowd this is completely unjust but again that’s likely less than 10% of the playerbase. Once again the hardcore-casual split widens.

This adds another layer of complexity as well as risk to botting and whether or not you think 45 minutes of irl time is significant doesn’t matter, it’s objectively slowing down a botter and requiring the botting team or individual to change their botting operation.

I only support this as it adds another layer to the anti-botting measures though once again I admit this isn’t a final solution.

The dream many of you have where a fleet of remote actiblizz gms manually review tens of thousands of botting reports every week will never happen.

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You must not be aware of what’s happening then. The majority of the issue is with bots either doing carries in ZG or solo farming the trash in ZG. Zul’Gurub, a raid, is the instance being reset either the most often, or the second most often after Mara.

You know what we #nochangers have been saying from the start about this game? That for every change someone wants, there’s another they don’t. This is the reason we wanted no changes to begin with- it wasn’t that there were no changes whatsoever that the game could use to be better, but that you open the doors to change and end up with this.

Keep in mind those changes you were fine with until now- some people felt the same way you do now about them.

That’s the general problem we wanted people to be wary of when Blizz starts changing things and the community asks for changes- not all of them will go your way and eventually one of them can even ruin what you enjoy in the game.

Change is how we ended up with retail, I just wanted Classic to be a chance to get away from Blizzard’s terrible decision making- but I guess the WCIII Remake should have clued me in that they can’t even redo a game they’ve already made that was already a masterpiece without ruining it.

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i dunno, im none of these things and i find this change to be pointless, ineffective, and only punishes legitimate players. Bots will simply enjoy increased sale prices on boosts, instance farmed mats, and an increased demand for their rmt wares as a result. They will spin up more and more accounts to compensate as well. End result? Higher prices on everything, MORE rmt activity, more bots. How is this beneficial at all?

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