One of my favorite parts of classic was taken away

I have honestly been fine with most of their changes to classic, like at least I understood why they did some things. BUT THIS REALLY SUCKS.

30 across my WHOLE REALM?! This is such crap!

I know its weird, but one of my favorite things to do is boost my friends and guildies, free of charge. I dont know why but I enjoy it a lot. I can easily boost through 30 stocks in an afternoon. Now I cant do that or I risk accidentally locking my main out of 40 mans and not being able to attend raid that night?

What is this? This is garbage. This isn’t classic. This doesn’t fix anything it just handicaps people who actually love and play this game.

It will affect so many people too. No more mcp farms druids. SORRY. Sorry you locks who love to farm Mara. Nope. You wanna try your luck at that SGC and/or HOJ and accidentally locked yourself for BWL. WOOPS SORRY.

Its just, such a dumb change. Like, why? What does this fix other than inconvenient people. And across your whole account? So I can’t do alt stuff without risking my main getting raid locked? Thats so stupid. This change needs to be seriously thought through and either fixed or reversed.

Edit: Just for people who seem to think I’m some kind of crazy farm ZG botter or something making gold or some nonsense and that’s why I’m upset. Yeah… I have ike 250g across all my toons. My farming is low level crap that nets me zero gold and has zero affect on the economy. I just like to PL my own alts and my friends alts so we dont have to do the same quests from 10-30 over and over (as any altoholic knows exactly what I’m talking about) so you people saying the way I play harms others can stuff it.

ON THAT NOTE - play how you want? If someone wants to farm DME for herbs, ZG for bloodvine or Princess in Mara over and over and over, who cares? Stop trying to control people. You are the worst, seriously, knock it off.

And people who are legitimately playing, trying to farm gold or mats or whatever for raids, or gear off that one boss, or MPCs with crappy RNG, yeah, this sucks.


If I wanna boost my friends alts through stocks, you shouldn’t tell me no

stop controlling how i play

the fact that me boosting a friend could lock a DIFFERENT character from raid is BS. Your response is BS.


The change is objectively fine, if it hurts the 2% of players but benefits the other 98%, it is a positive change.


Not to mention people who are LEGITIMATELY trying to farm things like SGC and HOJ and could get themselves or their other toons raid locked. Thats so dumb. If they wanna fix bots, fix the bots. This doesn’t do that.


Wonder how many bots are running back n forth at a dungeon entrance right now? Wonder if this was just a way to identify bots And blizzard is watching for it.

But I do agree with folks in other posts, raids should not be included is this lock count. You only get one run a week, and a bot can’t solo farm MC or BWL.


No, they wouldn’t.


Buy more accounts or play on more than one realm.

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yeah honestly if it didnt include raid lockouts, i probably wouldnt care as much

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You can still do it, you just don’t do it AS MUCH.


Frankly if it didn’t include locking out my main from a 40 man raid, i wouldn’t care as much. I hit that 30 cap and go, welp that sucks I cant do that any more, oh well. Then I’d go raid on my main nbd. But it locks us out of 40 man raids.

So all you people who says this is a good fix, what bot is farming 40 mans?! How does this fix botting? Why are raids included in the instance lock for this? Thats stupid.

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I do 15 gnomer resets per week max to get 5-10 mcp. This has no impact on my gameplay whatsoever.


Sorry toast i like this change though and I think blizzard did something right


So, you are boosting your friends 6h+ hours per day MINIMUM ? Everyday ?

Because with the 5 dungeons/hour limitation, 6h is the bare minimum


OK, thats good for you! This will affect others, including me. Thank you for sharing. Now I am going to continue to fight to get this reversed.

I also boost, and 30 per day is more than enough for me … but what is definitely changing is im no longer giving out free runs. If there were reset problems, or i had a bad run, or sometimes if i just missed a single pack, I make up for it by saying “next run is free”.

Not anymore.


Don’t like boosting? Don’t do it.


I like boosting and 30 per day is enought.

What’s next ? “Don’t like LFG ? Don’t use it.”


100g, this guys hearth is set to Nijel’s Point.


HoJ drops maybe 1/20 so on average you could farm this in a day without hitting the cap. SGC may be valid but why not extend your grind over a few days instead of playing 16 hours per day?

Sorry you’re bummy hurts from not being able to turn on your bot program all night grinding mara.

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ultimately, this change only benefits blizzard and bots.

Expect to see prices for anything commonly farmed in instances skyrocket. Cloth, Arcane Crystals, herbs from lasher farms, bloodvine, etc. Do you think the average player will benefit from this? Nope, the markets will be controlled further by the same select groups. Enjoy your 150g arcane crystals.

You’ll also see MORE bots spin up as a result of this. Its delusional to believe otherwise. Hit the 30 instance cap? They jump to another server to farm there and continue on a new account on the old one.

This does nothing to combat botting. Absolutely nothing.