Omg, seriously where is BWL?

Remember that “classic summer” they promised us?

Yeah expect BWL in April.

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Retail patch 8.3 drops next week. Blizzard is not going to release BWL at the same time dude. My guess is BWL wont come till end of Feb - end of March


This is the most sensible line of thinking.

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Then they should say so.

BWL will come in a few months prob, then you can whine about the AQ40 release date.

People knew Xrealm was going to be in from the start, so there was no motivation to balance realms in the beginning. This was a downward spiral that assisted in the death of a lot of servers.

i doubt many raiding guilds are going to survive that long, tbh.

Uh oh. Uh oh.

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If you need new raids to come out in order to keep playing and enjoy the game do yourself a favor and quit now or go back to retail.

If your threatened by new content coming out go play an offline game from 20 years ago. Some of us play more then 3 hours a week.

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What do you plan on doing after Naxx?

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This, with shared subs, the truly hardcore customers (people who play both retail and classic) will have consistent content dumps.

Classic will get its content when retail is in a content drought, and we will sit on whatever phase we are on for a bit while they drop new retail product.

Classic content already exists, pushing it out is effortless compared to the new content they have to churn out in retail, even with how easy they made that job on themselves.

Retail is the game that is more casual friendly, friend. Perhaps you should go there? I hate Retail and will never go back.

Playing the fresh server they release to keep me subbed.

Yet here you are complaining about lack of finite content.

That answers that.

No, I’m complaining that they haven’t told us when BWL is coming out, despite promising to do so in early December.

Step into mc once, then give your opinion on end game content release schedules.

Maybe not the no lifer ones that starter MC 2/3weeks after release. But most guilds still need a lot of loot.
And the no lifer guilds will be coordinated enough to just take a break until BWL drops

Why do you care when it’s released? If you truly enjoyed Classic it wouldn’t matter to you. You would be playing.