Omg, seriously where is BWL?

Like, wtf. This is ridiculous. At least tell us when.

I’m very angry with the way Activision is handling Classic.


remember when they said in early december that we would have a date for bwl’s release “this week”? over a month later, and its crickets.

its almost like they WANT this whole experiment to fail.


I’m okay with waiting, but some communication would be nice.


BWL is in blackrock mountain.



I ridiculed someone 2 months ago because they suggested Blizzard actually wanted Classic to fail. I said that’s ridiculous. Of course they want their own project to succeed.

But the way they are handling it actually makes me reconsider. Because I honestly can’t justify some of their decisions or lack thereof.


Calm down you are only lvl 16.


I will not!


How did you expect they would handle a 15 y.o. game that the playerbase literally had to beg and petition for?


Like what? I agree BWL should’ve come out sooner given how easy MC/ony are. But in pvp their hands are tied. You can’t give a good, competitive pvp experience and keep the honor system. It only rewards honor/hr. Imagine the backlash from the #nochanges crowd if they scrapped honor for a better system.


Better than how they have. It’s not like they didn’t have an EXACT blueprint to follow.

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They never said that, your poor reading comprehension is your own problem.


No, they didnt. The posted about how they were unbundling battlegrounds from the phase and releasing those along with elemental invasions “the week of…” then proceeded to talk a tiny but about BWL coming early 2020, and finished with “we’ll announce an exact timestamps for that content release early December”. Meaning they would announce a timestamps for the December 10 patch in early December. People just way misinterpreted it.


I literally said nothing about any of that. I’m talking about BWL.

There are TONS of things I think Activision have seriously mishandled but this post is specifically about BWL and why tf they haven’t given us an update after saying they would a month ago.

Oh I thought you meant they mishandled the game in general sorry. But I agree they should’ve given us an update when they said they would, and BWL should be out already

Does it really matter? Do you always need something new to raid in wow? Why can’t you just unsub for a month or two? Is it really going to hurt? A month in to BWL people will be crying for the next raid and it’s pretty sad.
Blizzard hasn’t forgot there’s more raids. Just wait.

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Well, I did. And they did.

But we don’t need to expand further on that right now. This is about BWL.

WTF Blizz!

Fair enough don’t want this to turn into every other thread on here lol

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Genius strategy for blizzard, have everyone stop paying and stop playing while you catch up on content lol.

Settle down. There is no need to rush through the little content Classic provided. Enjoy the experience while it lasts. BWL will most likely be late 1st quarter or early second quarter of 2020.


okay zoomer

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