Omg, seriously where is BWL?

Holidays are over. And I would have expected them to have this sorted out before the Holidays.

But if not, I would at least expect them to hold a meeting about this today. Decide their game plan, and assign someone to make a post by tomorrow. It’s not rocket science. Get it done.

Otherwise, they’re just being lazy.

you need to calm down.

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Sometimes Caps Lock and many BIG, BOLDED letters are the only way to get through to people.

Well you kinda are by saying…

Which is it? Is it basic and obvious? Or is it a poorly worded post?

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Reading comprehension includes reading and understanding poorly formatted posts and terrible sentence structuring.

You’re being too loud.


Let’s be honest, they probably aren’t even close to finished scripting it. The 2 people working on Classic are very busy.

:wave: :wave:

It’s very likely BWL isn’t ready. They have 1 dev probably working on porting the raids to the new client.

If that’s actually true, then I honestly have no words.

That’s where I’m at right now. This game is immensely volatile because it’s literally playing a game I’ve beaten before. There’s absolutely no incentive for me to stick around with nothing to do. There’s nothing “new and exciting” on the horizon, because we already know what it is. If we don’t get any news on BWL soon I’m leaving and not coming back regardless. You’re wasting my time fools!

Why do morons like you think it’s rushing to not want to do final patch MC for 5-6months. There is nothing to enjoy about MC.

I’m angry they are catering to people like you and rushing out content. I had hoped that Classic would have a lifespan of about 2 years, similar to pre ely/lh pservers. BWL should be another 3 months off, but that won’t happen.

You will probably get an announcement this week or next, with BWL coming out within a week of the announcement. Don’t worry, Classic will be dead by the time Shadowlands hits…


I’m perfectly fine with delaying BWL for a few more months. I’ve played every day except for one since launch. I took my time leveling to 60. I’ve raided for two months now and I have exactly zero pieces of Tier 1.

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But even that falls under poor communication.

It’s the same as the key ring when we all thought patch=phase until the day the first phase came and then Blizz decided to make that distinction.

If a majority of your customers are clearly misunderstanding something you said, the easiest way to clear it up would be to make a statement clearing up the confusion.

I thinks it’s ignorant of them to not at the least do that. But again I’m sure just like they did with the key ring, when they finally do tell us when BWL will drop they’ll add in a statement along the lines of sorry for the confusion that we could of cleared up on day 1 with just one sentence.

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Sorry to hear that, but I’m just asking for a timetable.

Players like OP are the reason why refail is where it is and they drop horrible content every 6 months.


I don’t even play retail, actually. I played from 2004-2008, and from Aug 24th, 2019-Present.

Edit: Actually I did play BFA for about a month and totally hated it.

Probably not going to get one, they have just been announcing stuff as they release it. They will most likely announce BWL a week before they release it. Just take their silence to mean that you have at least another week to level past 16.