Old school Gorefiend, tryin to find old peeps

New battle tag. Mega#11878
Nice to see some old faces on this thread. Anyone have plans for classic yet?

Hey guys, how’s it been?

Hi, I’m Wayners.

I was a nobody on Gorefiend from TBC, mostly functioning as the pocket priest of my best bud Byob, Orc warrior. He used to beef with some of you Alliance in this thread (which has been a joy to read).

Nostalgia Level over 9000! , Soulripers was my first raiding guild before i went to Lose your Life. I had the NE druid Mantzo then :slight_smile:
it’s good to see some old names here still checking in.

Oo hello,

Discerpo the Rogue turned DK .

Just reactivated my account to poke around, and this thread brought some memories back.

Was in Soul Rebelz and Red Cell in Vanilla and part of BC, came back for Wrath and was in Brown Coats.


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My rogue was Vishious and shammy was blossum/blossy from vanilla through cata. Any old guildies or pvp partners see this hit me up, enjoyed coming back to the game for BfA. I do miss the world pvp and community on our server.

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discerpooooo, what’s going on man?

Complexx / Violentjhay here.

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Hey all - coming back for classic. Used to play as Ultad (dwarf priest) back in the day. Hope to see a few of you around.

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Found this gem, wish there were more.
The Superstar
R.I.P. Smielly “Dad”

Hello peasants

This guy is a Burga! - Korlin#1359

Your son stole my Ashkandi, burga! - Korlin#1359

Another burga! I love this guy. Hope he loves me back. - Korlin#1359

Hey Bora I was Swagar NE hunter back when your were topping arena ratings, aha I remember your 2200 shoulders so envious!

Sup All… i stumbled upon this and figured i’d say Hi. Played Gandorin back in Vanilla, was in Soulrippers mostly also spent some time in Sinister and AoW during Burning Crusade.

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What up dude? Looking at coming back for classic, Not much time to play anything at the moment though.

Hey Holy, how are you? Havent played since around time I made that post. Played very little really since Cata. Might play again on Classic.

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IF you’re RedCell or LIMBO


RedCell reuinion for classic. Many original members participating in the comeback.

Any former members add me on discord:


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