Old school Gorefiend, tryin to find old peeps

All heals on jacht
i played with u in the limbo b4 i went to vodka
Brox from Deus Invictus here. Quit wow before BC, played some horde wotlk then quit during. came back a few months ago for legion.
Wish they would of left realm forums separate. Remember a few of the names in this thread, especially Towley lol. Played horde mostly back in tbc days, and remember you killing my poor little level 61 orc hunter outside of thrallmar lol a few times you corpse camper you lol. Just kiddin around. Good times back then for sure. Realms still had their identity, before mixed with realms who the heck cares lol.
Feeling nostalgic lately after returning to WoW and missing old school Gorefiend days haha. Played this toon (as Niromi), resto druid. I was in Soulrippers, The Anarchs, and Wings of Cold.
Just came back from vanilla/bc hiatus original name was Ultimate lvl 60 orc warrior hello Ogs!
Are you playing again Niromi?
Wow a whole thread of trash, impressive
my son belgrad
gore fiend

battle for the azeroth
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Not sure if anyone remembers me or if this thread is still being viewed, but I was Noxin the Undead mage back in the Vanilla days, I was in Cream Puff Legion and Savage Fury before they imploded to form Limbo. Seeing some old names in this thread is giving me some serious nostalgia though, hope to see all you guys when Classic comes back :D
Welcome To Server For Noxination I Am Father Of Belgraad.
You looking for a horde guild Eternals mate been here since cata
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Wow a whole thread of trash, impressive

I remember you giving my priest water in Duskwood. Like, circa 2004. I want to say we were in the same guild for a short while. Sinister and Fusion are the two I recall.
Come for guild Azz Kickerz to be of same guild Belgraadsdad.
Hi friends & foes of Gorefiend,

Please ignore the imposter that has been posting in this thread as me. This man has been harassing my family for over a decade and the authorities refuse to do anything about it. Imposter, I am addressing you once again, don't talk to me or MY son ever again.

Anywhooo, I'm Belgraad's real dad but you ladies can call me daddy (he he he).

- Bel Dad
Wassup losers, it's yo boy Fud and I'm back baaaaby!

How many of y'all suckas remember me blowing y'all scrub asses up? Heh, this server still looks like it's full of chumps so I should be able to pick up right where I left off.

Don't let me catch you slippin' or it's night-night for you. Sleep tight princesses, Fud is on the loose!

Fud, out
Hojo from Savage Fury/Limbo/whatever still plays
Hi. I was Tictacs/Apples/Cokes on Gorefiend.

Now Iā€™m Megaorc Horde side on Tich.

Iā€™m active again and ready to play. If you liked me or played with me plz hit me up in game.

Be my friend. My b-tag is Megasmash#1734
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