Oceanic Realms can now Queue with Americas Realms for PvP

Will there be latency issues for us north american players because of their inclusion to our servers? If so. Can you give us the option to play on servers where they aren’t allowed to play there? I know on retail anytime we are in a group of OCE players, we would get punished with our latency and that is BS.

Revert this bizzare and destructive change. Its awful.


Why not stick oceanic with EU servers instead of always sticking them with north america?

Opt-in/out would be nice.

Or S. Korean servers!

The queues have gone down from 30mins to 2mins and now we can actually queue arena on a day other than tuesday night.

No idea what part of bumfk nowhere you’re living but I’m at 180ms which is not great but perfectly playable, certainly better than doing laps around dalaran for 30mins waiting for a half filled BG.


No, the servers are still based in the US, american players will only notice slightly higher latency (150-200) OCE players, of which there are very few. Our battlegroup is less than 1/10th the size of the US one, depending what time you’re playing.

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OCE servers have lower latency to NA than EU.


Americans are so inclusive and welcoming… Jeez. It’s always you crying.

It’s a game. 180ms is fine. Something’s wrong with you if you can’t play with that latency. You played on Nostalrius (hosted in EU) years ago with higher latency just fine so stop generating more problems for the WoW community. The majority don’t even visit or post here and are fine with 180ms sometimes. OCE players are players too, and you Muricans are just not more important.

OCE players had to wait 30 mins for a BG, and now the queue times have been greatly reduced due to this awesome change. Blizzard is listening at least.

Be more tolerant. You’re not the only player. Being American doesn’t make you more important. Be more inclusive. If you can’t, keep wasting your time crying. Form your own community. Leave the majority of players alone and stop bothering them with your problems. Get out of your comfort zone, there are other gamers too from all over the world.

/preparing for the loud minority ignorant comments from narcissists people.

Good post. I’ve asked 2 Grobb players what they think of the ping who ended up in 3 people from OCE 2v2 skirm - they said they didn’t even notice

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This needs to be reverted for Arenas and prioritize NAW for BG’s.

I’m a US player and currently have 220 ping in a BG. It’s unfun to play with that sort of lag and is borderline unplayable as a melee dps. Why should NA players have to deal with lag for an Australian queue problem? These should prioritize NA servers 100% of the time.

I also played several Arena games against Australian teams and when we were on US servers, we had a giant advantage. When we were on Australian servers, they had a giant advantage. How is trading games based on RNG of server location a good solution to Australian queue issues?

This was not a well thought out solution.


Agreed entirely. The arena community heavily dislikes the change. The system should either prioritize NA servers 100%, prio USW when matching OCE and NA, or not have merged servers. If 98% of the population this affects wants this reverted or changed, it should be changed.


i too get close to 300-350

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ur full of it

post on main brah

Your sample size of one, doesn’t represent the continent’s player base.

You’re experience may be fantastic on US servers and i am stoked for you. Mine is nothing like yours by the sound of it.

Hence my suggestion: Make this OPTIONAL.

I pay a sub just like everyone who isn’t too broke to do so and have to pay with gold. For another I play on North Murican servers so I don’t have to deal with that crap. Now, Blizzard, is forcing it upon their paying subscribers. And if anyone ever thinks 180ms is fine is delusional. I feel bad for OCE players having to wait forever for ques but that shouldn’t be our problem. If they let you guys play without screwing our latency over, then I’m all for it. Otherwise this is starting to sound like a lawsuit when I pay to play on North American servers.

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Thank you for merging OCE!
I can now queue bgs and arena at any time of the day and actually vs others the same rating. Sure, it is not as fast as the oceanic 30ms and below, but most of my games are around 80ms merged and never peaked over 170ms. 100% worth the ms sacrifice to be able to queue all brackets including 5s which leads to us actually be able to purchase gear.
Thank you


80ms merged? wut? If you’re in australia that’s not possible, it’s likely that the game doesn’t last long enough for the ui to update. More likely you are playing at 180ms which is typical for Aus east coast to US West, about 50-60ms higher for US East coast.

I am watching my ping in real time through exitlag, it’s 141-143 to US W and 191-193 to US E. Anyone who is getting 300+ or claiming to get 80 and lives in Australia or NZ is straight up lying.


I was saying this vehemently since WOTLK Beta started, i warned you… you could have made launch so much more enjoyable, but at least you ended up listening in the long run, maybe i should run the game…