Oceanic Realms can now Queue with Americas Realms for PvP

Thank you Kaivax. Its excellent that this has been addressed after all this time…


This was a change that the OCE pvp community was unanimous in their approval. Literally. I don’t know a single OCE player in the top 100 OCE ladder that didn’t want this change. The only people who don’t want it are PVE players - and this change hardly affects them.


Lol, wut?


Thank you for a positive change Blizzard, now OCE players can actually play the game when they want to.

Anyone opposed to this is either incredibly stupid, hasn’t read the post properly or is arguing in bad faith.


I don’t remember being asked

They don’t really communicate changes, this was a huge surprise


“The PvP queue system will continue to prioritize matching players with other players in the same region, but if it can’t find a match within the same region in a reasonable amount of time, it will extend the search to include players from both Oceanic and Americas realms.”

Why did the very first Wintergrasp I did after this change, send me to US ping? There was never an issue with Wintergrasp queues on Oceanics at all. There is usually multiple occurring - so this event puts my faith in your claims about “continue to prioritize matching players with other players in the same region” to zero.

I have no interest in accepting short queue times, to find myself with poor ping for my pvp endeavours. I’d rather wait out my Arena queues, than go into an instantly unfair circumstance. In battlegrounds this is a little less of a worry, but for something like arenas - it is a killer of motivation to participate.

Overall this is fair enough and completely understandable for Wintergrasp and Battlegrounds but for Arenas in my personal perception and perspective, which I’m aware is not everyones - is that this is completely unnacceptable and a non negotiable to my interest in playing arenas and therefore classic wotlk at all. Honestly I only came back to WotLK to arena with good ping at this stage of the game because originally it was not a possibility. I would rather wait those arena queues which are no where near as ridiculous as the battleground ones - than vs a single unfair ping imbalance.


My man I’m playing one of the most twitch/reaction heavy melee classes and having no issue 2k+. The ping is not a problem


How good is 300 ping. Can’t kick, can’t fake. Gr8.

and queued into 2200 MMR at 1500 CR. Nice work Brandon.


This reminds me of the time they did this in Classic Vanilla.

It was a terrible idea then and you reverted it.

It is still a terrible idea for OCE players as we have no chance at 300ms.

We came back to WOTLK classic to play low ping arena’s which we never got to experience.

Now that is gone we will unsub until it is reverted.


??? How can you be this thick? The game we are playing now is at 300MS with the enemy team teleporting around and your abilities not casting! And forget about trying to interrupt spells! WHO WANTS TO PLAY THAT?


You guys must be elsewhere in the region because even from Perth people are getting under 200ms


literally every “loud minority”


I pvp’d a lot with 300 ping and I could kick, fake etc. Git gut, ok?

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Yo. Long time player, very rare forum poster here.

Blizzard, this change sucks. I choose to play Classic over retail for consistent latency. We’ve had this version of classic from the start, no matter what zone, dungeon or bg you are in you have good, consistent latency.

Today that changed.

Now, in the most crucial time for latency to remain consistent and good - it’s not. Every arena, battleground i join - it changes. It could be 15ms that i’m used to and love. It could be 180ms on a USWest server. It could be 250-300ms to a central server. It could be 400ms to a USEast server.

My point is, especially as a rogue, you can FEEL it. 24ms you FEEL like you’re pikaboo and you can make anything happen. At 400s you FEEL clunky as hell, you can’t play the game, it feels ugly and gross, your attacks fail to land because of position requirements, or range requirements, your GCD’s feel clunky, the experience IS BAD.

Now my point is, no one likes playing with latency, but you can kinda adjust to it… Going from 15ms, then 400ms, then 250ms, then 15ms, then 400ms etc from game to game is so tough. It’s just clunky game design. I know none of you at Blizz HQ experience this on the daily playing the game so it’s hard for you to understand.

I’ve played this game literally since the start (old school ride, zg tiger on vanilla etc) and I can say the best improvement to WoW since the beginning has been technology and hardware improvements. PC’s getting more powerful and framerates going through the roof alongside with faster internet made WoW so much better. Releasing Australian hosted servers was the peak of all of this, finally Aussies got the full experience that we always wanted. Now this just feels like a step back again.

My suggestion: Please make this OPTIONAL.

Anyway i’m old and grumpy, sorry to rant on. That’s my 5 cents at least, I know no one cares.


Please do this for Classic ERA too!!! It would be fantastic!

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Yeah seriously. I don’t ever post either but this brought me out of the woodworks.

If it’s not optional at the very least for Arena’s its a dealbreaker.

People ratting on about it makes no difference having high or just overall varying ping, are just dribbling to make themselves feel good. There is no substance to their single sentence.
I remember what bad ping was like in original and could easily notice the difference, when moving interstate and getting better ping or using something like lowerping.

To get into a flow, or into a groove and actually feel fluid gameplay is ruined.

As you said, besides new hardware and internet technologies - really the biggest thing ever for WoW for OCE players, was getting the Aussie servers. There’s no way I’d be touching this game if that hadn’t come along. The first question me or any friend asks if one of us brings up the idea of trying a new mmo together - “Does it have Aussie ping?”

I dunno what OCE server transfers are available but they should be enabling paid race change and paid faction changes to classic, to see if that drums up enough interest to alleviate this issue and yeah allowing opt in for at least Arena’s in my opinion.


Excellent change, the OCE arena scene was completely dead and now we can actually play. The ping is completely manageable and barely impacts gameplay. I don’t know a single person who’s against this change, don’t listen to the vocal minority complaining about this on the forums, Well done blizz.


lmao bro youre doing NOTHING for your case you think Blizzard believes you have 400ms, ive never dropped under 200


Sorry - you caught me. It must have been something else causing my spells to go off well after I press the button.

Sorry, sir.

Can I opt out of getting queued onto OCE servers?
Having 200ms sucks.