Oceanic Realms can now Queue with Americas Realms for PvP

We’ve seen data and feedback from players on Oceanic realms that they have had very long queues for PvP activities, so we’ve decided to make it possible for them to queue into games with their counterparts in the Americas. This configuration change was made during maintenance today.

The PvP queue system will continue to prioritize matching players with other players in the same region, but if it can’t find a match within the same region in a reasonable amount of time, it will extend the search to include players from both Oceanic and Americas realms.

The change was put into place after Arena Season awards for Season 5 were assigned. It was necessary for us to keep the two regions’ leaderboards separate until after the final rankings were determined.

Thank you for all of your feedback and enthusiasm!


Very good, very good

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any chance of prioritizing USW servers for OCE+NA games?


Is this what happens when Brian can’t hold you back? You make good-sense changes?


I can identify oce players by noting which ones are skipping around at 1fps. Make a point not to join oce dungeon groups due to the terrible lag. Can’t wait for this to be a pvp issue as well.


Just want to say thanks to everyone for memories in OCE, it’s been fun.

I’m out - wish you all the best of luck - unfortunately I was not blessed geographically and can’t play anymore.

I got at least one season of wotlk, it was fun; best of luck to you all! :slight_smile:


Not sure I understand since they said:

I mean, cmon man, its giving you MORE ability to play.

Not sure I understand

“Geographically” relates to my position on the earth relative to the servers I will be connected with, a round about way of talking about latency from myself to US servers.

it’s why I don’t play retail, horrible latency in arena & bg’s.
It’s just me, not everyone is this unlucky.

Just wanted to say thanks for the fun I’ve had through tbc & s1 wotlk. gl&hf


Dude, I didn’t mean I don’t understand that. Obviously i knew what that meant. but with your answer now, I am baffled why you even posted if this has been happening to you for a long time… it seemed like you were blaming this new variable with your demise :slight_smile:

It hasn’t been happening previously, they just added it to classic. Making it unplayable :frowning:

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Thank you!

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Does this include arenas?

You guys really need to stop making changes based off a couple of people crying on forums



Don’t worry about us PVE players looking for groups. We’ll keep waiting for hours to find groups for dungeons and raids.

Thanks for taking care of the PVP players though. I realize that’s a different situation where they can’t be expected to wait to play the content they like.


I’m glad you understand pvp is far more important :slight_smile:

Can we get some clarification that you aren’t going to put us on US Central or East servers? They are quite literally unplayable.

US West is night and day over the other two.

This is massively important and a reply to confirm would be great.

Thank you so much Blizzard. This is incredible. I am getting instant pops across BGs, WG and Arena. IM SO HAPPY


I was leveling to play arena but if we’re going to be queued into NA servers regularly I’ll stop. Can anyone confirm what the new change means in practice?

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I’ve been playing this morning, 100% games played on NA. Kinda rough as melee, but whatever, I’ll deal with it - I was about to quit the game over OCE queues