Now that #Nochanges is definitely out the window

can we fix black lotus spawns PLEASE?


It’s the number 1 change that needs to happen. The sheer silliness of propping up gold farming companies after making all these changes is ridiculous.


You mean you don’t like lvl 1’s camping every spawn point on low pop servers only to xfer all the resources later on to high pop servers?



The only people opposed to this change are the bots, gold sellers, and zoomers hoarding over 2,000 lotuses.


Black Lotus needs the Blood of Heroes treatment. Maximum lulz.

Who told you that? Maybe you decided it – that doesn’t mean that Blizzard has changed its goals and its “change rules” for Classic. As far as I know, the concept of “#nochanges” is still in effect.

I assume “we” is Blizzard, and this is a reasonable suggestion.

But you don’t define “fix”, and “make it so the future is perfect for everyone” is pure fantasy, not something human devs can do.

I recommend you change the “fix” to an actual change devs can make. Who knows? Maybe they will do what you suggest.


Here I fixed that for you. Next time just paste the URL in, highlight the URL and click the “</>” button at the top of the reply menu.


Having 3x the players on high pop servers and not changing the herb spawns makes no sense. They need to increase spawns


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There isn’t 3x the players on high pop servers. Actually expend some effort to scan your server at prime time with the census addon and you’ll see that.

Much better than parroting misinformation.

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I picked like 7 black lotus on incendius in like a month while I was level 60

You’re crying that nochanges is out the window because they’re addressing abuse of mechanics?

Ohhhhh boy…

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Can we also get LFD, LFR, xmog, guild banks, appearance tabs, mount tab, pet tab, and dual spec please. We did changes all ready. These are the bare minimum we need to make this playable.

It does show that Classic isnt as completely static as once believed. I think adjusting some spawns to be more in line with the actual Vanilla experience is reasonable.

Uh oh forum police Galdor is back. Still seems like you havent found anything better to do with your time.

Rank 13,600 Priest says what?

Like trying to run around Winterspring to find herbs.
There are 2-3 horde and 2-3 ally running around in circles. There are no herbs man. I have to spend gold QQ.

Coward posting on a 120 says what? If you had any idea how an actual healing team work then you’d realize how pointless your attempted insult actually is

Did I make you mad with facts at some point in time? I’m a better healer than you, sorry.

Im sure you’re the healer that doesn’t dispel and just mashes heals on pets to get higher on meters. Also tough to heal on your 120 warrior man… Kind of confused there. Its actually pretty pathetic you’re posting on your 120 and spewing your nonsense.