Now that #Nochanges is definitely out the window

Facts =/= nonsense. Servers don’t have 3x the population anymore.

Facts? Theres no 120 warriors on classic warcraft logs =( cant find any. Can you help?

But you are that healer bud. YOu arent good… dispel someone you scum bag lol

It’s not like I’m hiding my Classic character, you obviously care a lot about my posts considering how much they upset you; spend a few minutes and you can find my Paladin.

Dude you arent upsetting me. I genuinely enjoy this type of encounter… I just wish you had a little more whit so this at least would get interesting. You’re about as entertaining as talking to a tree.


Is this what the keyboard warriors call it nowadays?

Situation? Idk? The guy with 5000+ posts is calling someone a keyboard warrior?

Look at you two go lol :rofl:

Its kinda fun dude

“Some changes = more changes.”

BFA is that way ------->

You’re the one who went off on a tangent because you couldn’t handle being told you’re wrong.


The ones crying that lotus needs to be changed, are the ones that aren’t even trying.

You want loot handed to you? Go back to retail.

No I just enjoy going back and forth with you. At least try to get better at talking with people. You are just sounding like a tool, as usual.

Still cant find that 120 warriors healing bro. Tough there. Im bored now tho. I also dont want to spend 5000 posts worth of my time on a forum.

I don’t even know who you are, you’re a nameless 13,600 ranked Priest who happened to be wrong and went off on a fuming rant about me. I love making an impact on people I’ll never remember.

No one was fuming man. You’re a sad individual. Hope life gets better <3

On my Horde server (whitemane) the population horde side is so massive that getting any sort of a farming resource is a painful war VS gold farming scum bots… Thankfully there are some kind alliance that do dispatch these filth from our ranks.

Those alliance are on my special DO NOT KILL list… We salute you!

On my Alliance server (Kurinnaxx) the population horde side is certainly larger than the alliance but it’s maybe 50% the size of the Whitemane situation, but still there are tons of em when their strategy to get into MC has been form a 200 player zerg to get in.

To the Horde that make me feel warm and fuzzy, We salute you! Now get scatter’d when you attempt to jump down and flop on the ledge below. =)
(No more bots on Kurrinaxx, the population is too violent for them to exist)