No Reason Why The Slime Cat Shouldn't Be In LFR

At least you’re self-aware. :smiley:

I mean, Occam’s Razor comes into play here. They’ve been on this self-destructive bent for so long that it is easier to believe that they’re aware of it and doing it deliberately rather than ignorant (and lacking your self-awareness) and blind regarding the impact of what they’ve been doing. So you do have a point.

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All difficulties while fated. If LFR was never fated, then the mount (at that time) was unable to be earned in LFR, since it was never going to be fated.

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Again, when did they say that because the ilevel for RF Fated raids has been floating around forever.

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Your response is pretty much a meme of what I was describing.

And yet you’ve made it about this fictitious group of people multiple times. It has been the key point to your reposes almost exclusively. It doesn’t matter I’ve said multiple times I don’t think Blizzard plans on this, that flies right by you. You can’t help but come back to it.

Did I ever say otherwise? Provide an example if you think so. You won’t find it.

See? The KEY to all your responses! You HAD to come back to this! This is you doing the dishonest thing again, and regressing the conversation again. That you can’t help yourself after being directly called out on it tells me you’ve lost all ability to think about this subject rationally and you’re just grasping at straws.

The word vomit is yours. You can’t get unstuck on an idea only you are arguing about. How many times do I need to quote this before it sinks in? :point_down:

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That’s called Executive Function Disorder (or Executive Dysfunction) and it makes my day-to-day life extremely difficult.

The state you live in.

I responded to that aloooooooooong time ago so how am I stuck on it. I think I even quoted it when I responded.

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The exact same place that you are using to say that it would be on LFR, this wowhead article

Normal, Heroic and Mythic achievements added.

Fun fact, but in that build the meta achievement that gave the mount actually required you to do sepulcher on fated heroic


I don’t see this wording. Can you tell me on the page where it is.

I’m not being snarky, btw. I honestly don’t see what you’re talking about.

We get it shreds, you hate raiding and anything group content. Not everyone is one-minded like you. We have infact gotten new raiders everywhere because of slime cat.


You mean this? :point_down:

You literally did all the things here! All the things! The out of context word. The fictitious people response. AND THE ACHIEVEMENT THING! Are you trying to make my point? You are so stuck on this you don’t even know you’re stuck on it.

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It’s when u hover over the mount achievement it says heroic not fated.

These articles can be edited at anytime past the original posting date to clarify and or correct information.

Funner fact, the other two raids required any difficulty in that build.

I can’t even remember what your point is. What is your point?

Now I’m really confused.

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I keep reading that normal is just as easy or easer than LFR. If that is true then what different would it make to let the player decide what one to do. We all know what getting into a raid is harder then LFR and it takes longer to do all the boss’s at one sitting.


This doesn’t answer my question but whatever I’m really tired of this argument and my mind isn’t changed.

Btw, if you really think I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, maybe try telling me in a different way instead of repeating the same thing that I’m not getting.