No Reason Why The Slime Cat Shouldn't Be In LFR

But then the “real” raiders won’t feel special, and won’t be able to sell carries for the mount.

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Not on the internet archive they can’t

If you look at the meta that gives the mount on the archive page, it clearly shows the prerequisite achievement of Heroic: Fate of the Sepulcher

Which to be fair is an obvious error where the others are non heroic and could be a WoWhead error.

I never said they could change a 3rd party website. They can however change their site at anytime they wish.

Either way the achievement information was not accurate on that post. You can even check the meta data! One of the many reasons for the whole controversy.



This wasn’t on the PTR. This was on the live game. Those achievements went live in that state. PTR is subject to change, you’re 100% right, and IF the achievements were on the PTR like that, and then they changed before they went live to say “Complete normal mode or higher.” then sure I’d still be a bit salty (because I’m tired of Blizzard treating LFR players like dirt) but I’d understand it.

But these achievements were in the live game for months in that state, then Blizzard pulled the rug. That’s not okay.

An assumption is ‘Oh it might drop on LFR’ because you don’t know if it will or not. If I don’t know, because I haven’t been told, I can assume something and make a guess based around that fact.

But when an achievement quite literally says the word ‘any difficulty’ and LFR is ‘a difficulty’ then that is no longer an assumption. No one was assuming anything at that point, they were told quite clearly through the achievement panel.

No they didn’t. The achievements were in the live game for months. If this was PTR only, then as I said above, I’d understand it. I’d be annoyed, but I’d understand it. But these achievements were in the live game. You could literally go in-game, for months before the season started, and check the achievements for fated raids and see that the reward for clearing the fated raids on ANY DIFFICULTY was the slime cat.

The PTR was not involved in this whatsoever.

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Please show me where Blizzard made an official announcement stating LFR would award the slimecat.

It’s still an assumption because an achievement is still in the ptr phase and there was zero official announcement.

Reading the achievement and assuming any means LFR is an assumption period.

I’m going to say this very slowly so you can follow along.

The achievement was for fated raids. Fated raids were part of a patch not on live yet and still on ptr. Just because the achievement is on live doesn’t mean it’s active because it’s an achievement that is part of a future patch that was moved over early as most achievements are to assist in making easier patch days. It’s very common.

It’s still considered part of the ptr

It’s still considered ptr because it’s part of the patch on ptr. Even the. Blizz still has the right to change anything in the game.

There was no official announcement by Blizz and slimecat was never going to be awarded from LFR.

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You keep bringing up the PTR as if it’s relevant to this discussion.

It isn’t.

These achievements went live in May.

Fun fact, the entirety of S4 also went live in May, it was just locked content until the Season actually launched in August. You could get onto the PTR (which was marked as patch 9.2.5) for testing the affix for the new season, but all the content for the Season was added, minus tuning, to the game in 9.2.5, which again, went live in May.


Because it is.

It is.

I understand that. What you can’t see to comprehend is that they move achievements over early. It’s still part of the fated patch that’s on ptr. You can’t get season 4 achievements in season 3. The achievements were not active and still subject to change.

You literally just destroyed your own argument.

Since it’s not active it’s still subject to change :man_facepalming:t3:

So… you’re accusing me of not reading your posts but I’ve explained at least 3 times that it’s a bit more than that.

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No I didn’t you absolute spanner.

The PTR is for testing, anything on the PTR is subject to change. We know this. If all of this had happened on the PTR, and NONE of it crossed over into the live game, then it would be understandable. There would still be salty players, not not nearly as many, because all of this happened on the PTR and by the time the content moved over to the live game as part of a patch, the content had changed.

If it had actually happened like you imagined it did, then most of the outrage wouldn’t be here.

But it didn’t happen like you imagined it did. Patch 9.2.5 launched in May, at that point it was no longer on the PTR. It was part of the live game. The S4 achievements that came with it are also part of the live game.

The rug pulling happened while the achievements were part of the live game.
The stealth-fix to the achievements one day before the season was due to start happened on the live game.

Now go back to your corner.

Second person I’ve slapped on ignore since I cleared my ignore list. God I hate people who just don’t understand basics and insist that their imaginary version of events are real.


Yet there was still no official statement saying LFR awarded the slimecat.

If it’s not active it’s not live.

Yes it would. Bad players and people on GD get outraged over everything.

Stop trying to look smart. You’re bad at it.

shia lebouf actually exists, crazy man

I think we’re mixed up here, I’m not saying that slime cat shouldn’t be available to LFR players at all. It absolutely should, I was saying that there is a difference between Normal and LFR to some players.

That Soar nerf lol, not the nerf itself but the reason given is


Wait what did he just say? You nerfed a racial because of how it affects the efficiency of travel doing


Am I in real life right now?

clearing old raids for transmog, pet battling


This can’t be real life.
Screw the nerf itself, the reasoning blows my mind


Soaring to the next pet battle faster is the new “cost a raid tier” and “don’t you have phones”, right?

I think that one might be the dumbest one yet.

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pet battles is a thing?

Who says they have to complete the raid in one shot? They can knock out 3 or four bosses three days a week and complete the raid.

And I highly disagree with your take on the skill issue because the biggest time waster Ive experienced this season on normal is bad players either not knowing their class or doing horrible DPS. Most of them either dip out after a wipe or two or have to be kicked because they refuse to follow instructions. LFRs are easy because most mechanics are turned off and its nothing more than a tank and spank. You can carry bad players in a LFR, but not in normal.

wait u could do it faster with old soar? dangit

i agree lfr has persisted because it fills a population niche, they kinda pooped on that niche

Opinions are always valid. However valid an opinion is does not mean it is a useful opinion. I agree Blizzard sorta pulled the rug out from under the LFR players. To that I can only say AND? Blizzard has decided it does not belong in LFR for whatever reason so that is how it has ended up. Based on blue posts responding to this concern it is pretty obvious they have a 0.01% chance of overturning their decision. They made it, justified it, and have backed off ZERO. You can keep fighting the ‘good’ fight if you wish but it is falling on deaf ears.

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