No Reason Why The Slime Cat Shouldn't Be In LFR

Now because everyone seems to think your opinion is invalid unless you have the slime cat, BEHOLD I have cleared with my guild all 3 normal raids on each Friday today and the past 2 weeks and now I have the Jiglesworth Sr. Each raid took 2 and a half hours with only 2 wipes each (because DC issues for the most part) and it was easy. Do note I literally just got it 5 mins after making this post and my armory hasn’t updated yet also I did it on my Hunter Voidmarksman-Whisperwind.

So now that I have the slime cat my opinion is valid! And my opinion is, there is no reason why the Slime Cat shouldn’t be in LFR.


I like you.


Normal was a joke. Just treat it like LFR and queue up for groups.


I don’t disagree but I think they’re super rushing to get Dragonflight out in 2022 so I don’t think they’re going to make many more SL-related changes.


Some people don’t want to deal with that and they shouldn’t have to.

Again, for most of us, the issue isn’t a Normal+ only reward - it’s the fact they had it listed as LFR as well for 3 months and have remained silent on it.

They were more than capable of adding a pet or cosmetic to LFR Fated as a reward, but didn’t - 10000000% chance it’s because making it normal+ was a last minute decision. Wouldn’t shock me if that’s why there were so many bugs with bosses counting for the Dinar quest.


Deal with what? Having to fly to the raid entrance?


Search for a group, be judged by a group for their performance (you can’t say that doesn’t happen lol, the amount of people complaining these past 2 weeks about being kicked from Normal for not being “up to par” should tell you).

Some people just like queueing and doing it, even if it takes time.


And blizzard has every reason to incentivise social interactions in this game, which is why the LFR slimecat change makes total sense. You’ve no doubt seen the multiple threads from purportedly LFR-only players talking about how they tried Normal raids and had a great time, much easier than they thought it would be. Some of those players will go back to LFR and some of them will not only continue to do Normals, they’ll encourage their friends to come join them as well.

It’s an excellent move by Blizzard to make a distinctive mount a reward for the easiest non-autoqueue content.


Stop it, its not going into LFR. There is a good reason infact, but you will dismiss and never agree its good. It’s because its supposed to get players into raiding - not fake tourist mode LFR raiding - real raiding normal and up - not all will enjoy it ofc, but some. New raiders will find they really enjoy it and get over their anxiety of performance or w/e is holding them back.


Maybe a multiplayer team based game isnt for them?


To be fair, you NEED to be half-decent. You can’t go into normal with 3k DPS. Yes I will judge you if you aren’t up to par or showing much effort in mechanics because you are a liability to the raid then, rather then a contributor. Your post comes off as someone who avoids raiding at all cost due to being judged and doesn’t understand the DPS reqs on certain bosses.

This is coming from someone who was judged early on when I was new to raiding, I took it as criticism to do better - I didn’t go on wow forums to complain about it. I became an heroic raider in time getting AOTC, and tho not the best or anywhere near best Dh ever or hunter - I am way better then I was when I first began because I was judged for my performance.


Slime cat cannot fly. Im fine that it would go into LFR and i dont even LFR


Folks can always start first-come first-served groups


I have no problem with this. I’m certain I WOULD be a liability to any raid I joined, unless they were so over-geared/familiar with the fights that they could afford to fully carry someone.

So, no slime cat for me. (Not sure I would have bothered even if it were available in LFR to be honest.)


I can think of multiple reasons

If you also look at it their new boosting chat channel came out in time for what has been the hardest of the 3 raids this expansion .

If they had allowed it in lfr what justification would they of had for the booster chat channel


Woah woah woah. Did you just claim your opinion to be VALID?! Without first submitting to the resident opinion validity trolls here on the forum?!?!?!?! HOW DARE YOU! :triumph:

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Yeah and I commend them for their opinion .

It’s too bad they got hit with the “Your opinion doesn’t count unless you say either remove lfr or remove all rewards from lfr crowd” in spite of them getting the cat from normal .


LFR was never getting slimecat so I dont see why yall are STILL complaining about it.


They are mad and bitter they aren’t getting it so they continue complaining in hopes it suddenly gets added to LFR. They aren’t willing to put in the work for the extra little gearing up to do normal and get it done and over with for a 2 hour raid 3 times.