No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

they will release angels for the alliance

Except, the “core” Dwarves seem to represent two different Dwarf cultures via the Bronzebeards and Wildhammer.

they need to release the new smurf race


Which is an exception rather than the rule, and a misstep in attempting a half-measure to appease Wildhammer fans.

I don’t even think it’s a rule.

That’s better.

I’m tired of people always being ok with a sucker’s choice.My NB needs more hair color so I can’t have another race?

Not a literal rule. But an outlier to the emergent pattern.

I’m in agreement, that the ARs should’ve been just extended cosmetics of the “core” races. Seeing as how even the Nelves have access to the Mage class as another “outlier” culture. Just like the shared Bronzebeard and Wildhammer “culture” of Dwarves.

Sorry, your whole “culture” argument doesn’t hold much weight. Especially, since this is supposed to be an mmoRPg. Not all Nelves broke away from Arcane magic. Just like not all Dwarves are Bronzebeards nor Wildhammer.

In fact, Classic Vanilla has Dark Iron Dwarf cosmetics via the grey skin and red eyes. Dwarves are Dwarves, and you can either RP them as part of the Bronzebeard, Wildhammer or Dark Iron Dwarf “culture”.

Just having copy pasted races is just silly.

How does it not?

Why weren’t Nightbourne some shiny Night Elf tattoos?
Why weren’t Mag’har just brown skin for Orcs?
Why weren’t Highmountain an additional horn option for Tauren?
Why weren’t Dark Iron those aforementioned red eyes and grey skin for Dwarves?
Why weren’t Kul Tiran just body types 3 and 4 for Humans?
Why weren’t Lightforged just some yellow options for Draenei?

There is only one answer to all of these questions.
The Allied Races are culturally distinct.

Pull out all the whataboutisms you want - they remain as outliers. Not the guiding philosophy.


I’d really rather them spend a patch fixing the current allied races customization and giving older races heritage armor and mounts then have them add more right now.

I explained it, already.


Now, we’re just going in circles.


Which is no different than the ARs.

Same with your “culture” reasoning.

This is a weak excuse to have duplicate races and call it ,“new” :roll_eyes:

The only exceptions are Velves, Nightborne & Vulpera due to being faction tied. But, if we remove factions, only the Vulpera remain as a truly new invented race that isn’t a copy & paste of other existing playable races.

No. It’s priorities.

This is the post I used as a demonstration of his troll antics. By letting him continue with his inane post bumps, the moderators have explicitly endorsed this sort of behavior.



maybe in one of the future updates - they will add a new race

Huh? :roll_eyes::man_facepalming::expressionless:

In the context of what I said, it’s quite clear that I don’t mean content but restrictive hoops to jump through on a character before I can partake in end game content. Thank you for quoting that though, it really shows my genius.

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they might bring Murlocs to the alliance in the 1st upgrade

dude…i didnt see no grummle on that list, lol.

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