No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

You’re correct I should have clarified it better by stating “other content”. That is my fault entirely.

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Understood. :slight_smile: I’d never try to argue someone out of their preferences. I just take issue when people confuse their personal preference as the only “legitimate” stance, though. Thanks for the clarification! It’s a rare trait in the virtual world.

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they should make at least 1

Dropping kayfabe for a moment, contrary to what Ion stated, I do think there is at least one Allied Eace coming down the content pipeline. And where there is one, the door is open for more.

I’m okay with it, we have already so many choices… I feel focusing on class design and story is and should stay the priority right now.

what one is that supposed to

SO how long do I have before I have to decide whether to buy DF or not?

If it has a compelling story INTEGRAL to WOW , I will, but so far, the videos I see seems so devoid of emotions or attractions for me.

The allied races we have now we have because they re-used the models of our pre-existing races. It doesn’t take much on their part. The Dracthyr in contrast are a whole new unique model with new animations.

The allied races we have now we have because they re-used the models of our pre-existing races. It doesn’t take much on their part. The Dracthyr in contrast are a whole new unique model with new animations. You can’t really compare the two.

I am still in the beleif that blizzard won’t update old models for no reason, espiacially since they didn’t do that in the past for just world mobs/npc’s

I think furbolg/gnolls would become allied races at some point.

I put my vote in for Kobolds. :heart:

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what about tuskars???


They would be pretty cool ngl, but I don’t know that I would personally play one. :grinning:

Dragonfolk are the new race… what are we needing another for. (right now)

Now there are new Tuskarr themed backpacks for transmog. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope alive for a while :slight_smile:

yes. no Allied Races.


What if we got “Mercenary Races”

look, A mercenary race doesn’t need their entire tribe or faction or race to be on board with helping the alliance or the Horde. they are Mercenaries. the join the cause for the pay.

What does that mean? it means you dont need to gain any reputation with that race. your faction doesn’t have to decide they are now friendly with them as a whole.
but the Mercenary can be any non traditional ally.

We could have a Gnoll. or a Tuskkar or a Drakenoid or those Lizards we keep fighting. or a Murloc. or Furborg or Sethrak or Saberon or perfect High elf…

the racial abilities could be standardized so that there is basic parody with similar races. and also limits the amount of development time creating new ones that are better than the last ones. like, Give Gnolls a fear CD. Tuskkar a swim speed cd. Drakenoid a personal enrage buff.

Basically, they could have a basic CC, a basic buff a basic movement cd, a basic defensive or a basic offensive/restorative ability.

other passive buffs like bonus to fishing, skinning or mining etc can be added where it makes sense.

doing this won’t conflict with lore because they would be the exceptions, not the status quo from the game’s perspective. no complex character specific scenarios.

Good. That was a BfA thing.

I still say they need a small dev team dedicated to just adding customization related things players have been asking for. It’d go over well.
More character customizations, more allied races/races that should have been made playable ages ago.
There’s even some classes that should have already been added that are still wanted by players.
Plenty of things a team like that could work on that’d make players pretty happy.


Absolutely. These kinds of additions should be just as frequent and expected as raid tiers.


That’s fine really. Much as I thin Sethrak should still be added, we’ve got a pretty good selection of races and one shouldn’t add more just for the sake of having more. Honestly focus on opening up more current race/class combos would do that job, and more cross faction stuff.

Also, no more recolors of current races. Give us people with a new look.

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The whole point of the Allied Race system was to give us those low effort, high reward additions like Mag’har and Dark Iron. That’s what I want to see more of.