No more increased customisation in shadowlands. [Requesting a refund]

So I don’t know about everyone else but with news that blizzard has cancelled their initial plans of increased customization throughout the expansion I am going request a refund for services not delivered.

Yes technically we did get customizations initially. But blizzard stated that customization would be added throughout the expansion. Which means I am not getting the full product I ordered. Many of you may criticize me. Blizzard themselves might deny the refund. None the less they deserve to know my dissatisfaction with this choice. Blizzard doesn’t promise a lot but that was one thing they said was going to happen and cut entirely. Yeah I know it’s not the first time. WoD had it heavily while I didn’t request a refund I did hardly play in WoD.

I’m not mad at the devs. It probably wasn’t even their choice to begin with.

I’m disappointed in this.

For an example to showcase why this is worthy of refund.

Imagine you buy a game when it comes out for the normal $60. The base game is alright but it promises free dlcs with an epic dragon fight or some such. And then… nothing. It just get cancelled. The DLC in that case wouldn’t be “Free” you paid for it with the initial $60 and they failed to deliver something that was already delayed from release.

Another example being you order a table off of amazon. It get to you but you only got the base not the legs. They tell you that the legs will be delivered at a later date. Finally you hear back from amazon and they say “sorry no legs”. You’re entitled to a refund because you didn’t get the whole product you paid for.

One of the major selling features this expansion with the increased customization. The cancelization of it only half finished when I was already on the fence on renewing (blizzcon was going the make it break it) means I’m done. For now. Probably for shadowlands. Maybe I’ll consider coming in mid next expansion to see if they actually do what they say they’re going to do.

Not only did blizzcon not entice me to resubscribe but also made me want a refund… that’s never happened any blizzcon. Not a single time have I ever wanted a refund for a blizzard product.

I’m not just upset at the cancellation but also how they addressed it. So cavalier about it. Like it’s not a big deal. Like we shouldn’t have expected it even though they said it was going to happen. They acted satisfied with what is currently there when is is clearly half finished. Look at every allied race (except void elves). Look at half of the core races who got hardly anything compared to orcs and humans. How can any of that be justified?!?!

Literally got a table without legs. I was content to wait for the legs to get here but they just got cancelled. This is not fully delivering a product. That is the gamble with games where the purchase takes time to fully release like MMOs but I’ve never been this dissatisfied. I don’t raid much but also for raiders out there… the new raid? not only doe sit not have class sets it’s just a recolour of 9.0 gear… yeah… 9.1 is looking bad… Like is this WoD.2? sigh. Imagine if in WoD they only updated half the races said they’d do the the other half and just never did it. Didn’t blood elves get delayed? What if blood elves NEVER got updated when their update was promised just delayed. That’s what happened here.

If you are dissatisfied with the current direction of the game and shadowlands. If you’re upset about the lack of fully delivered content. Of only half done content and half finished concepts then you are welcoem to join me in unsubscribing and asking for a refund.

Refund Reason: Did not fully deliver product.

Agree with me, disagree with me. Think I’m whiney, think I have a point, think I’m overreacting, empathies with me, think I am ridiculous, gonna follow my lead and ask for a refund. Whatever. These are the WoW forums and I am posting my grievances.

For what it’s worth… this wasn’t easy. WoW saved my life. (not going to go into that story). I never wanted to give up on it. But despite the emotional connections I have to it. Ultimately it is a game. A game is meant to be entertain. I am no longer entertained. That’s all that matters.


So many actual important things that need changing or fixing and you decide to quit over a hair cut?

Your money your time I wish you well, no reason to play something that annoys you.

I will add for the record that “I am leaving” posts are kind of silly and will never get the attention of anyone that can do anything about it.


It was more of a PSA that this is an option.

Lol, good luck with that. :laughing:


I understand the disappointment you have, but aren’t you going too far?


You don’t understand the disappointment they have.


This logic doesn’t pan out because hairstyle artists are not systems designers or bug coders.

The art department handles art, not class / pvp / covenant balance.

Blizzard should be able to afford the resources to do both, they just choose not to because they are lazy and cheap.


I thought I was purchasing a table. WIth legs. All I got was the top part. That’s not the whole thing I purchased. It’s not going “too far” what I purchased was going to be delayed. I agreed to that. It was canceled entirely. I did not agree to that.


I too feel dissapointed by blizzcon. It feels like a bait and switch. I was so hyped for this expansion and subbed. But they did this before in WoW history and I don’t condone them doing it again. My hype died for the expansion. The fact that they are probably going to use it as a selling point for another expansion will be sad because they said it will be done in this one. (That’s a whole other game to buy and sub to maintain). With covid it seems like shadowlands will be longer then most expansions. This backtracking on statements feels horrible. And the game seems to focus on mainly group progression. Leaving solo players out for a while… Blizzcon killed my hype. I see no reason to stay subbed until probably the next patch. Blizzard saying they have no good reason to add more customization feels disrespectful to some of the wow community. I wish they hadn’t had lied from prepatch about it. I sorta feel cheated myself. Not really sure what game to play. WoW seems way less appealing after blizzcon.

This “customization expansion” just got brought down to just filler content.


and there is sooo much art work to be done on the new patches and the future expansions, new mounts etc etc etc which they are working on now . haircuts and all customisation should be the very bottom of the list , they are the single most non important thing in the game


It’s not up to you to decide what people find value in when they purchase this game.


Just curious (because I don’t know), did Blizzard ever say they were going to add more customization after the initial release of Shadowlands? Is there an actual official quote or article we can point to?

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Raids last one patch. Race customisation is forever. Mounts are good though.

Still it’s mostly about them saying “this will happen” and now it’s “this will not happen”. As someone who invested in race changes to allied races and now being told they aren’t getting any TLC… disapointment is saying it gently.


I would love to see the statement they promised increased customization throughout the expansion.

And so ahead ask for a refund, if you are only playing the game for the customization I have to wonder what you did for the last number of years without even what we have now.


It wasn’t an “I promise” it was plainly stated that more will be added. And explicitly mentioned allied races. Saying they wouldn’t get anything on launch but will get some in future patches.

I’d say this is more the straw. It’s significant blow. But If everything had been going perfect with blizzard before now this wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. Unfortunately I was looking for ANYTHING to respark that hype in WoW this blizzcon. Not only did they NOT do that but they also made me want to refund the expansion.


Last quote I saw in the other thread said they would add more WHEN POSSIBLE.


Well technically it’s possibly to add something new every day. It’s a fortune 500 company. The only limitations they have is what they set for themselves usually as a way to min/max profits.


You haven’t seen this quote then:

What about Allied Race customizations?

For the initial release of Shadowlands, the focus is on the original races. Character customizations is an ongoing project and they’re never completely done.

If you say “for the initial release of SL”, it stands to reason to infer that more will come in further releases of SL.

PS: Just realized this is the same interview where Ion confirmed no blue eyes for Blood Elves. He should be careful with how many times he contradicts himself, otherwise it’ll be difficult to take his word for it.


And that doesn’t give any timeline for anything. It doesn’t say they would add more throughout the expansion - it just says there will be more coming at some point in time.

yes, I just noticed that and noticed you are pulling up stuff from last April.


I thought it was in the Q&A of last years blizzcon that they said it would be ongoing additions to the game throughout the expansion. This is deeply disappointing. “Hey not this patch, but we’ve got some things in the pipeline later” wouldve been better than “No, but you can go make suggestions in the void of the forum if it makes you feel better”