Alliance Rogues sapping Runthak

But people don’t. PvE realm folk don’t find this kind of thing amusing.

You literally said this, so you obviously care about the texts/RP? Otherwise why even comment?

Apparently this is already being hotfixed, its amazing what 1 forum post can do when it shows the horde being griefed lmao, 24 hour response time.

“Yeah guys we totally uhh changed something we um didn’t mention like 5 months ago and uhh yeah like it changed the way the buffs went out yeah…to improve server performance! this isn’t a change this is how it was honest!”


Tribalism is my favorite high.

Only on a batch tick.

Radius on Flare is 10 yards.

Sap is 5 yards, the display area of flare is 5 yards

You are not getting into range in time.

You can res and attempt to get to stealth and sap, but odds are its not happening.

When you are falling that fast can’t you easily sap in a batch? I wouldn’t expect flare to be that responsive.

You have to be within 5 yards of the target, but maybe, maybe if you get really lucky you can, but RNG will more often than not prevent you.

If you are falling onto the NPC, you are getting into range in time, at least within the 400ms batch window.

The batch doesn’t give you a 400 for sure window.

Think about it like jumping rope, let’s say you’re skipping rope every .4 seconds, so inside of the time when the rope is not requiring you jump you are able do do other things.

That’s a crude but decent way to explain how you can time it. The problem is you don’t know know where in the batch you actually are. So you may have an entire 4/10 second or you may have 1/100 second, just depends on where in the batch timing you are.

Spell batching makes it impossible to stop. The rogue can sprint / sap before any aoe effects or flares will knock them out of stealth. There is no way to prevent it unless Horde wall jump up to the ledge he stands on and camp that with flares

This got hotfixed yesterday apparently. According to blues it wasn’t something you could do in classic, and was the result of an under the hood change.


Methinks someone deserves a prize for predicting the near future:


It was a result of horde having something negative happen towards them so it had to be fixed ASAP.


You guys are crazy. Horde outnumber alliance. Chances are this was happening to more alliance than horde.

This change benefits both factions, why is anyone complaining?

Anything that encourages mass world buff usage degrades the game experience for both factions.

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I guess it depends on how you look at it.

There are only two reasons anyone would ever care about world buffs.

  1. They care about their parse
  2. They’re in a speed running guild

As has been said a million times over, world buffs are not at all required for any encounters in the game.

It comes down solely to how you feel as a player.

It’s just DISGUSTING how it was “fixed” only after Horde whining.

Horde whining “fixed” AV.

Horde whining further “fixed” AV.

Horde whining “fixed” the dragon buffs.

How about y’all cry about how Paladins are horrible so they can get fixed? I have been assisting you in the open world by dropping judgements on your mobs and sometimes even STUNNING them for you and sometimes PEELING FROM YOU when you’re ready to die. Come on, Horde–please whine about how Paladins need massive buffs so they can finally get fixed. You can even include buffing Shamans so each faction can have three viable tanks (EDIT DUE TO READING ISSUES–because Paladins and Shamans are both oddball tanks at best).

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Arguing that paladins are a viable tank in Classic immediately discredits any opinion you may have.

Sure if your name is Esfand and are getting fed gear it is definitely possible to tank as a paladin, but otherwise it’s practically impossible.

Sarcasm is not easily conveyed in written form. Furthermore, such a post is unsurprising considering what comes from the fingertips of all the forum harpies on here.