No Difference in Power between lvl 50 and lvl 60

I went back to bfa and legion content today and found i was no stronger than before.
It was very disappointing

They clearly said that soloing old content was in poor taste and will not be allowed in the future without a group.

Play the content the devs worked hard to create in shadowlands like your supposed to.

Forget BFA, I got destroyed by trash in mythic Antorus just before Shadowlands came out, when before those scaling changes, trash was just trash.

Citation please.

We even had a letter of apology from the former game producer that in no case should removing gear make the total time to kill quicker, however scaling breaks the ability for gear to matter. So the poorer solution was ‘borrowed’ powers.


I just want to know, why I can gain 10 levels, and why I feel like I am hitting Mythic Garoth in Tomb of Sargaras with a Nerf gun. I am literally 10 levels higher than I was before, and still don’t feel any stronger

Funny enough, I googled your commentary and found no one but you saying it. More over, screw you. It’s a product I’m paying for. I’ve been playing the way I have for literal years. Blizzard has gone out of it’s way to support the way I and others play, soloing old content, for even longer.


I geared up two characters on my deadish account in the prepatch. They basically have normal raid gear now and they struggle to even to do the opening scenerios for Nazjatar.

I was one of the few that said it was a bad idea to lose levels. I dont care about faster leveling in old expansions. Everything else suffers from loss of levels.


So a level 60 can be beaten by a level 50 with ease? Never before has this happened in the history of Warcraft.

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In a recent patch they reverted a setting they called ‘combat rating’ and that it was set back up to a normal level, so we were indeed ‘nerfed’ after the squish, in pre-sl bfa content.

It is getting very old and boring for blizz to keep making blanket nerfs with absolutely no way for us to know they’ve changed the rules. How is figuring out changed rules by trial and error any fun at all?!!

It is even more frustrating that they know what they’ve done, and probably laugh at us and our frustrations.

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But this just shows whatever scaling system they are using is complete donkey doodoo. Even on a completely linear scale A+B for level then C+D for increased item level should be some form of power gain. Instead its some form of bizarro-world maths or masonic handshakes that does not provide results that feel intuitive to players.

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Conceptually it should be pretty simple. Higher lvl = stronger character. It’s what that means, in terms of the language of video games. I don’t know how they screw that up.

I went back to Vale today to do some reputation dailies since I still haven’t gotten the paragon box pet from there. Noticed I’m doing less damage to the grey mobs there than I was at level 50 wearing nearly the same gear. This included wearing my Heart of Azeroth neck and Ancient Flames doing 15-20% of my damage.

Soloing back a single expansion has never been super easy in base gear? Not sure why you are surprised.

The main reason it was possible in Legion / BfA was that later on in the expansion additional power systems like legendaries, artifacts, and azerite made our characters stupidly overpowered compared to a fresh max character.

It’s been this way since the dawn of time. Secondary stat ratings change as you level up, you got from having the best gear of the expansion to the worst.
From secondaries at 40%+ backdown to ~10%.

Even more so from expansions that had things like azerite, or essences contributing to large percentages of the damage we dealth (and survivability)

Doesn’t this happen pretty much every expansion?
Especially the ones with stat squishes.

I’m pretty sure at the start of BFA I was able to easily solo mythic WoD raids. Now at 60, I cannot do the same in mythic Legion raids, even though its 2 expansions old.


This is further than simply Azerite and Essences, this is a level + stats thing. I know its been going on forever but that isn’t an excuse it just means Blizzard haven’t learnt to do maths in 16 years.

If they want to squish, fine but make sure the basic maths behind it works.

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There appears to be a bug where the legacy raid buff is missing in legion raids for level 60 toons. This apparently was reported multiple times in beta (according to the comments on the wowhead article from five days ago) but it was never fixed.

Can we talk about this? Could we please define why this was posted, and it doesn’t feel like anything has changed? Why can’t we solo 4 year old content? Why is this?