No Difference in Power between lvl 50 and lvl 60

I just learned the hard way that the newest level squish destroyed the old rules, hard, in terms of level equating to power. It never meant much but in one instance… Old content. As it stands now, a level 60 is exactly as screwed in a BFA dungeon on their own as a lvl 50, and seems to fair only a bit better in Legion content. So soloing old content in this expac no longer seems like a viable possibility.

I know that covenant abilities will make some difference but it really won’t change the massive gap in power we used to have over old content. As it stands, there is no scaling, no increase in damage, no decrease in what you take. That means it’s literally impossible without a full group or raid group to do BFA content, which means it’ll be another 2 years before any of that farming can be done. Assuming it can even be done then.

Edit: To those who say ‘this is how it’s always been’ there are a few problems with that. From legion to bfa, you could get to max level and then go back and solo old dungeon content from the day it launched. You cannot do this in Shadowlands to BFA. A normal dungeon will destroy you. So the difference in the scaling has gotten worse, against us.


Just ran a few classic raids for transmog, and it actually takes longer to kill mobs and bosses in there at Level 60 than it did at Level 50, let alone level 120. Not sure if this is intended, but wow… this sucks.


I believe it’s been mentioned that there is an issue with thel legacy buff at 60. They will fix it in time I’m sure


According to their rules, you don’t get a legacy buff until 11 levels up. So even if there was an issue it would not solve the disparity between our former power over old content and now. BFA content is dead content you can’t even que for.


Yeah its really weird the stat difference between reg and heroic dungeon pieces is something like +3 main stat and +3 stam
It took forever to replace my azerite gear because they had so much main stat and stam


It’s worse then that, actually. You literally gain nothing by leveling but (for some classes or specs) a new rank in an ability, and access to other content. Leveling in Shadowlands means literally nothing. And now it means nothing for old content either.


It’s intended. It’s supposed to give you an incentive to level up all the alts you intend to farm old content with and get them in raid gear.


This happens with every expansion, when we first hit max level secondary stats are super low.
Rating is worth less at higher levels and at 60 we have about the same rating, give or take, as we did at 50.
That plus no azerite traits means you are much slower and weaker at 60.

In a couple weeks once everyone starts getting epics it will feel better. Until then it’s going to suck.
BFA had this issue twice, at 116 when legiondaries shut off and again at 120 when our gear was crap.


Maybe they’ll add features to Chromie-time and let the raids all be ilvl squish and be ideal for full raids at will.

Or a feature that lets you 5man old content with ease.

They’ll fix it up. Relative power gains with the same power level most of us were at BfA Normal/Heroic/Mythic plus likely nerfs to power scaling of older content is going to come (which is an issue they need to fix).

Once that happens and we’re actually geared from SL Heroic/Mythic raid or high M+/PvP old content will be cake.

“Everyone”? You mean raiders?

The majority of players are not raiders and do not push high keys. Glads are a tiny minority.


Only way I can fight this is I imagine the dung are scaled to max level… I know running the heroics feel so much better than normal dungons

In BFA I could solo normal dungeons from legion the moment I hit level 120, heroic dungeons the moment I geared even a bit, and mythic dungeons about halfway through the expac. By the end I was soloing normal and heroic raids.

Right now, with the same basic set up, I cannot solo a single mob group in a normal or heroic bfa dungeon.


The squish was done in an idiotic manner. They should’ve gone from 120 to 60 and then cut literally all numbers in the game in half. And have us lvl to 70. Done.


I’m less concerned with how the squish was done and more concerned with the lack of any thought given to either leveling equating to power. 50 - 60 should mean you get a bit stronger, but it doesn’t. Those are empty levels that mean nothing. A lvl 50 mob in Shadowlands will be just as dangerous to you at lvl 60 as it was at lvl 50.


What? It’s always been this way.

10 haste gives more % to haste at level 1 than 60.

So, you are going to attack slower with the same 10 total haste on level 60 compared to 50. So, if you have the same gear, you’ll do less (or almost equal) damage.

How doesn’t this make sense?

When you have 200ilvl, you’re going to nuke a level 50 with 130ilvl though.

Covenant abilities don’t work outside of shadowlands, at least the early ones don’t.

The whole scaling thing is stupid. We discussed it when it happened in legion and many of us voices our concerns but the usual boot lickers defended blizzard. And what we said would happen ended up happening.


Pillow, you used to scale against lower level enemies. There was some difference between being lvl 50 and lvl 60 with the old system. A lvl 50 ALWAYS beats a lvl 60. Right now? I think a well geared lvl 50 character could beat a lvl 60 character.

That only serves to make the problem even worse.

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I see, but I think we’re underestimating how much stronger we’re going to get after a raid tier is completed. I have a feeling we will be able to blow through it, or it will be looked at and adjusted accordingly if we’re strictly talking doing BFA content