No Difference in Power between lvl 50 and lvl 60

Doing it with two people is possible and still possible. (For dungeon content).

Solo no. Assuming fresh 120/60.

Dude, I’m reporting you for trolling. My fiance and I JUST tried it. Tank and a healer. Didn’t work. Two damage. Didn’t work. A tank that self heals well and DPS. Didn’t work. Disc healing and healing tank. Didn’t work. None of our old combos work. You CANNOT DO IT.

Yes… because obviously someone who disagrees with you is trolling.

It’s been that way for awhile.
I’ve never been able to two man old content without having decent gear.

Dude, I’m giving you evidence of how this expansion is different and you’re refusing to listen to it or provide any of your own to counter it. That is trolling. I’m giving you facts, not a subjective opinion based on absolutely no effort put in while reading a forum. This isn’t a disagreement. You are wrong.

Your facts don’t line up with my reality, and what I’ve seen. That’s not trolling,

What might be the case for you, doesn’t mean it’s the case for everyone

You LITERALLY JUST ADMITTED you haven’t tried it for this expansion OR the last. So you don’t HAVE FACTS. You have an opinion, something else you admitted too.

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I never said that…
I even reread my messages to be sure. I 100% didn’t say that.


Yes exactly. I have been unable to even when I tried. So why would it be surprising that you can’t do it now?

Who’s trolling who?


And? I will repeat myself - just because you did doesn’t mean that’s the norm.


It is when you get geared… /face palm. I think we’re done here


It seems like some of the stuff you start with in SL is less powerful than the stuff you end with in BfA in terms of ilvl and just general stats. Especially with crafting items like food and potions.

On the one hand, I do kind of like the idea of things from previous expansions being useful. On the other, I was thinking much more about those things being mats for future upgrades, not the upgrades themselves.

As far as being level 60 and unable to solo level 50 dungeons, I think that is, by design, something you need better gear for. Soloing Legion dungeons and raids wasn’t really easy until I had geared up a bit in BfA. It wasn’t big deal gear, just mostly world quest and dungeon stuff, but it wasn’t the fresh level 50 gear either. Maybe the SL gear is going to work the same way.

Or, you know, they’ll fix it.

Seconding this thread. I posted a bug report about it since the first hotfix they did for the legacy scaling is clearly not working. Doing half the DPS at 60 as I was at 50 in Mythic Antorus is just completely wrong and off.


Yeah, leveling from 116-120 was absolutely brutal. After the 3rd character, I said “F this” and waited for Shadowlands prepatch to level any more characters.

It was like this in BFA, it was like this in Legion and probably the same in WoD, it is not the squish, they have mob scaling they basically keeps mobs in all zones the same level as you and scale further with your gear level.

Add in Chromie time and it means you can do any previous expansion at any level, and it means you can do any zone in the current expansion as long as you meet the minimum level without needing to find more quests or experience before moving on, you just pick a zone and go.

Literally none of this is true, you can’t do Chromie time at max level, and mobs only scale with your gear to a certain extent.

I have no idea what this has to do with my complaint.

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