No Difference in Power between lvl 50 and lvl 60

Your still in your baby shoes currently

You’re missing like some powerful soulbind stuff, conduits are at low levels, your gear all sucks and you don’t have a legendary

You all still got a long way to go

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Then please explain why, while I did have a decrease in power, I was still able to solo normal dungeons from legion on my recently leveled characters in BFA?

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Oh no idea

Might need to ask blizzard about that one, I haven’t exactly had doing old content on my list of things to do

However it might be because you lost all your secondary stats, lost your legendary stat boost, lost your azerite traits and lost your essences

That might have something to do with it

For anyone lower it’ll be ok but probably a patch down (9.1). Just guessing though.

I lost a lot of stuff like that from BFA to legion too. The loss of the artifact was a huge power hit.

Yeah I don’t know if the scaling has gone whacky or something I ain’t checked it out because I’m doing the current content and not the old stuff

This is how old content is scaled now. Even the best-geared 45 cannot solo dungeons that someone with that gear could easily solo during Legion, while any 50 with a modicum of BfA gear can.

Good. I’m happy keeping numbers low. There’s no reason we need to deal DPS in multiples of 10,000.

Yes, I realize this. That is the crux of my complaint. My question was to those who were comparing this to scaling and such from prior experience. The problem is that this time is different. It’s much, much worse against us.

It has nothing to do with keeping the numbers low in current content. We’re talking about scaling against old content. More over, we’ll be dealing that amount of damage by the end of the expac.


Why do we even still have levels when they’re completely and totally pointless now?


For the addictive feeling leveling used to give you.

Honestly hasn’t been a feeling since cata.

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Because your over geared at the start of an expansion, under geared at 60. Always been that way

Hasn’t been a feeling since they removed all sense of progression from leveling with level scaling during Legion.


Already addressed that several times through the thread but I’ve finally put it in the top part of the post. Simply put, no it hasn’t always been like this. Legion to BFA still meant you could solo legion dungeons, just couldn’t handle above normal.

Yea this is insane. Im sure down the road as people get more gear and borrowed power it will get better. Still a level 60 should be more powerful than a level 50. Its crappy design that each time you level you instantly get weaker due to secondary stats going down. Also there is no reason the legacy buffs should not be working properly on launch. This isn’t beta.

I bet if the error was reversed and somehow it helped players it would be hot fixed within a day.


You could not solo legion content as a fresh 120… at least not early on.

You could and I did regularly. Normal dungeons weren’t the easiest but they were possible.


Not At the beginning of the expansion.

I believe at one point they turned on legacy early.

I did it. At the beginning of the expansion. My fiance and I love to go play all the old dungeons we never did because we hate socializing. For some reason I’m getting that feeling talking to you. It was possible. We did it. No special gearing required. We can’t do it now, though.