No “Thank you for Reporting” after submitting 35 DK bot reports

Every single BG I’ve been in has at least one DK bot, every single one has gotten reported. Not a single notification from blizzard that its been heard.

Are you guys intentionally turning a blind eye to Bots?

Blizzard isnt gona respond to every single report as long as u report it will be seen and blizzard still deals with bots its just not as easy ans banning them on the spot.


its been over the course of a Month… The DK botting issue is getting worse. You would think you’d get a single notice from blizzard in that timeframe.

No one has seen a reduction in their presence, or affirmation that its being addressed - let alone fixed.

What are we paying for?

Server acess really blizzard just can ban here and there they gota find the bot program break then ban enmass if they ban 2 soon they bot makers well get smarter.


It will never be “fixed”.

As long as players insist on cheating by buying gold from gold sellers, or paying for boosting services, it’ll never end as long as they have a market.


This is a multi Billion $ buissness not alone to wow and blizzard can and will close accounts if they feel players arent learning there lessons every ban wave and yes there are waves players will come here whinning about false bans when they are far from innocent.


Yes they are a multi billion dollar organization. So use that power to maintain the game you charge monthly for.

My current WSG game is 40% DK bots. 4 of them. All following the same scripted path, pressing the same attacks, all moving in unison. This has been standard in Battlegrounds for months with no action. This doesn’t even take into consideration the scripted DK bot farmers running around the world.

Do me a favor and type /who 64-66 and tell me what your search results are. 95% DK bots.

I meant the bot makers and gold sellers honestly ur solutions are short term long term it wont solve anything.


So your suggestion is we live with it?

I can’t play battlegrounds because I lose every game with bots. If I want to play this game, I have to be okay with playing with robotic farm accounts? We are paying monthly to play alongside untethered farm bot accounts?

Nope keep reporting and let blizzard deal with them for every 5 accounts they close the boters and gold sellers have 100s of stolen accounts they can acess untill stop players from looking for the easy way out there will be cockroaches that will prey on the stupid.


Blizzard doesn’t support it though. They fight it every single day - just not to your time table.

This is an age old issue - one that many games even before WoW haven’t been able to solve.


You are missing the point. The reports are going unheard, and unacknowledged. Bots are more prevalent than any point in this game’s history.

Reporting is not my job, we know they are EVERYWHERE. We are paying them, its blizzards job to handle this in a timely fashion.

They are charging us for this service, yet not maintaining it.

No im not missing the point you dont seem to get that botting is a problem every MMO has had to deal with and none of them have found a permanat solution blizzard is always dealing with them just not as fast as you like but they are dealing with them.

Since all u want to do is argue im gona drop out.


This is misinformation. And has been debunked repeatedly.

It is in your best interest to report them. They can’t be investigated and caught if they aren’t reported. They’re handling it as they can.

If you have feedback, use the correct channels. Customer Support isn’t it. This is peer to peer help with in game issues, not a complaint bin.


So don’t complain about bots then…


Oh you work for blizzard? You have informed insight into their company protols? You know to what degree they take customer feedback and implement change? Why didn’t you say so?!! How long have you been a GM?

Oh yeah they dont have any operations to run against their player bank to search for repeat behavior. They have been monitoring player activity for 20 years but have no functions to pinpoint anomalies. I thought you were a GM?

I am paying for a service. The service is not functioning as intended do to scripted interference. The player vs player functionality is compromised. This is not a complaint, its a mechanical failure. The paying customers needs some insight into the nature of the problem, or better yet a solution.

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No. I read. Which you clearly do not.

And you’re getting it. If you feel you aren’t, again, use the correct feedback channels. This isn’t it.

Yes. It is. Post your feedback in game through the feedback link or on GD.

Have a nice day.


I’m not going to repeat myself again. This is the last time.

Customer Support Forum is peer to peer help with questions about gameplay. It is not a line to the devs. It is not going to get you access to feedback from them. They do not read anything here. There are no devs here.

If you have feedback, use the correct channels. No player here can do your bidding and suddenly delete all the people you think are bots. There are no “solutions” to be found here when Blizzard already spends a crap ton of time doing what they can and does not read this forum. Don’t like it? Then perhaps go to game development college and come up with a solution for all of the games out there, because all of them have botting issues.

Done and done. I will not feed the GD/Classic attitude any longer.


but this isn’t the case… is it.

you can log in just fine.
you can access the servers (which is what you pay for)

there is no issue with the functionality.

bots, that’s a different story.
yes, there are bots.
there have always been bots.
if your concern is about bots in pvp, take advantage of it until the next ban wave slaps them down.

during (original) wrath, the vast majority of bots were horde, so i took advantage of it to finish grinding out my WSG rep, and getting the Justicar title on my alliance mage. :laughing:

reports should be a one way thing.
if you got an auto-response saying thank you, you’d still wouldn’t be happy.
…nobody is going to send you a personal thanks every time you lodge a report.

the people who are trying to offer you guidance, have been around here for over a decade, and have a decent familiarity with how things work.
getting snippy with them, won’t bring about change.


For what it’s worth, I had noticed the same for a good stretch. That I hadn’t received a single “Thank you for reporting, the person you reported will be taken care of” notice.

Then all of a sudden I had a stack of like twenty-some notices that just appeared en masse to click through. So it may just be a hang-up in the system. There is also the chance that it may not be a cheating bot, but perhaps a multi-boxer lumped in with the ones who are actively playing illegally. But yeah. I too had noticed it after a number of weeks with nothing at all coming from my active reporting and then BAM. So that may be something similar going on in your case as well.

Please keep reporting bots at every chance you get. It is a never-ending war with them, but it would be so much worse if they don’t have the data coming in from you and other players.