No “Thank you for Reporting” after submitting 35 DK bot reports

They are all from different servers, I suppose thats possible but I thought the Multibox program only functioned on same server characters.

Its more than likely a 3rd party bot program because they all follow the same scripted paths, across all servers, all thorough the day. Exploiting the free “no level 55 first DK” feature.

They are also out in the world. if you do /who 64-66 you can see where they are clumped farming. I followed 5 in south shore herbing & Mining on a set route.

I believe your missing the point! There is no stopping botting from happening.

As long as your fellow players use the services of these people it will keep happening. They do actively ban them. But they have more and more accounts to bot with and more and more of your fellow players want to use their services. Even if they use them to gain in pvp knowing they could get suspended or banned.

This is a never ending fight we can never win.

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I’m not sure why you’re not getting a notification for the report. Your reports are appreciated, and go along way to help. It might take a while for those reports to be acted upon, these investigations try to be thorough to make sure innocent players are not caught up either. Not receiving a notification certainly doesn’t mean Blizzard is turning a blind eye to the report or the problem. Please don’t be discouraged in continuing to report what you can.

Disclaimer: I am not a employee, just a fellow concerned player with different color text. This is mainly a player discussion forum, and while support forum agents try to provide feedback, they’re not on around the clock and are not always able to post in every thread.

Feedback and suggestions can always be left for the development team in the game help menu.


This post probably is relevant.


They can’t use multibox programs any more. Any software that helps control multiple accounts at the same time are now prohibited. Only old-school multiboxing is allowed.

This right here. It’s the same discussion as people who complain about crime. “Why can’t police stop all the crime?” Because it’s not a “crime” until it actually happens.

That’s why this problem can not be solved. Not that they don’t want to, or they don’t pay enough attention to it. They literally CANNOT. It is impossible to proactively stop someone from doing something wrong.


Those notifications are generally associated with social penalties, not botting and exploitation. I am sorry, but as far as I know we usually do not provide any additional interaction after you have submit a right click report.

You should at least be receiving a “Thank you for the report” when submitting a right click report. If you are not, you might try resetting your UI.

Unfortunately, this type of exploitation is extremely popular in MMOs and the folks that make and use them are constantly working to improve their methods to keep from being detected. Our goal is and has always been to block their use, break them when we can, and develop detection methods that allow us to root them out.

We have a good deal of success at it, but obviously there are those that are more prevalent and resilient. Usually for longer than we’d like, then we’re able to break that method, which might slow it down for a time.

Technically, access to the game. Of course we want to make sure we deal with bugs and exploitation as best and as quickly as we can. That has always been our goal, but there is no timeline or guarantee associated with that desire.

They are not going unheard, the reports continue to be used in our investigations. They may go unacknowledged, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t very much appreciated.

I would argue if bots are more prevalent then at any other point, that is often a matter of perspective because you happen to be at the aspect of the game where they seem to be.

No, but I do and would agree with Sendryn in this case. It also doesn’t take an employee to see the various times where we have disputed and challenged the misinformation that is often spread.

We understand the frustration that this type of exploitation causes and we continue to work to address the various forms of it. The only advice I can give you it to continue to report those you suspect of botting when you can.

I don’t believe leaving this one open will prove to be productive so I’m going to lock it up. Thanks, all.