Night Fae Seed

Had a game where I saw it, but literally couldn’t click on it because there were other players/pets etc standing on top of it…so frustrating.

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I seen a mw healing the seed


They fixed it now

This is the worst part of it.

Oh, then that needs to be fixed. Without a doubt.

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I think the main issue is how buggy it is. For example i noticed if a druid in boomkin form pops the seed it’s next to impossible to see because u have a giant upright boomkin sitting on top if it. I literally thought he D/C’d/afk’d cause his healthbar turned gray and hes just there upright covering the entire seed. Definitely some kinks need to be worked out with that

Its on the list tho.

Rogues got smashed, now i want vengeance. I want to see Arms/Ret/Ele/WW and Boomy nerfs


Healing the seed does nothing except affect the health the player has when they exit, it is dmg capped, the second it takes 12k dmg it dies

You don’t get to demand retribution in the form of retribution nerfs when your nerfs were nothing more than retribution paladins exacting retribution for retribution nerfs. I’m sorry that you suddenly got really good at your class and subsequently really bad at it a week later


The worst part is Paladins can Sac the seed, literally making it inmune to damage

You don’t see the giant blue seed that spawns? Idk, I find it pretty easy to spot.

This is the worst part of it.

Just 100% false

Go watch Pikaboos rank 1 video. (2nd most recent 12:30 into it)
Egg takes 3k damage then healed to full, then Pikaboo switches to it, Damage it down from full to 2.4k, that’s 11.6k. already 14.6k total done. Heals egg to 5.9k, damages back down to 1.6k. That’s 4.3k more damage. 18.9k total. Heals to 8.5k hp damages back to 2.6k hp, which is 5.9k more and then he reses.

Which is 24.8k damage just in this one clip, and he still ressed.

How is the damage capped at 14k?


That’s interesting thank you for pointing that out, in my experience it always felt like healing the egg did absolutely nothing and even the tooltip says if the wildseed takes MORE than 13,290 damage during this time, you die.

it needs to be REMOVED period in arenas. and before you say get good, or w/e troll comment realize I’m not dumb and i try to target it all the time, the seed is bugged and completely unfair and disrespects the whole meaning of 2s… 2s used to mean skill, what now, lol why is it how bad can we cheese wins all a sudden, simply put, remove double healers in 2s, and remove the damn seed


Not ashamed to say I earned myself an “L” from letting a seed rez get off.

Combination of me noticing it a couple of seconds too late, having thrown everything I had burst-wise to “finish off” the druid (or so I thought), and getting greedy thinking I could polish off the barely still-alive rogue to just simply not have enough uptime on the seed itself.

It’s no doubt an absolutely stupid stupid stupid mechanic to exist in instanced PvP, but in my case - I can see how I misplayed it, likely allowed the rez to get off through poor/slow recognition, and getting distracted by the rogue just enough to buy that seed the time it needed rather than prioritizing the potential rez. Whacked myself on the forehead, laughed, learned a lesson for next time.

1 Like this needs to be linked every single time someone stupidly posts that it’s X amount of damage, instead of it just being killed. I just went looking through forums, because we just had a restro shaman spirit link it, making it literally impossible to kill it. This mechanic needs removed, or at least completely remove the ability for the damage it takes to be reduced, or be healed.

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No, you should just get good.

Maybe if your were nightfae like your supposed to be, you could kill a seed IDK.


2s NEVER meant Skill.

2s is a MEME always has been.

Thats comedy.

Can you not tell this is a vengeance DH? He’s not my PvP toon moron.