Night Fae Seed

Not at all, good talk though
Could be any point in the game. Any CD’s up or down. If u use Shadowy duel is physically impossible to kill the seed. It’s broken.

Not to mention i’ve seen every class complain about it, not just rogues, because they have no targeting system.

Just project more though

Nerf rogues into the ground. I don’t care. We’re overtuned. But seed is stupid. They can both be stupid. Tiny brain.

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From my understanding, the seed being healed is irrelevant. It has a damage cap. The player has to take X amount of damage while seed is active to die. So the player can be 75% health and still die in seed form.

Now if you were playing a melee cleave and caused an enemy seed all you have to do is smack it a few times. Counterplay would be giving it BoP or something

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use ur eyeballs instead of relying on nameplates


Ur posts r very bitter and I feel like you can’t disassociate real life and Azeroth. Seems like you have a chip on your shoulder. BFA gave you a free ride and I can appreciate it must be frustrating having to play the game using both sides of your brain now, but I can promise you warlocks will be back to their old disgusting selfs soon

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I hardly played BFA lmao. stop projecting.

It’s like a less op but still op version of what S5 dk had.

Had a disc priest pain supp the seed yesterday, my team and I lost it and bursted out laughing hahahaha, what a mechanic

nah, that is coming when necrolords get higher renown

We’ve got challenger for the first 2 seasons and a lucky duelist in the last. 3 out of 4 seasons isn’t much you’re right

my meteor doesnt hit it… stupid.

literally logged on for like two weeks and then stopped both seasons. youre a troll so.

yea my friends saying they can’t aim the seed. Sometimes seed is like in the sky ,lol.

I played a match today that the druid I killed just stood still and I couldn’t target him anymore. It was like he /afked, you know? Then suddenly he revived and I was like WTFFFF?!?!? There was no seed and there was no nameplate.

Stuff is bugged, yo.


zug zug smorc if you dont see seed under giant uh dk abomb u r bad haha time to play fotm lock spec zug

i dont know whats more sad

that so many people are giving up the niya soulbind to have the stupid seed that dies in 2 globals from a single player

or that 3 players doing 12k damage to a turnip punching bag in 10 seconds is difficult enough for it to somehow be effective


Shower these forums with your wisdom, Stumblin.

If it had a displayed health bar it would need a small health buff to be relevant at all. It has 12k HP and most people can get that kind of damage off within 10 seconds it takes to rebirth someone even if they get hard CC’d for 5 seconds.

For the record 12,000 damage in 5 seconds is 2.4k dps. Which is very average.
If you had the full 10 seconds you only need 1.2k dps, which is so mega easy you can often get killed just by random AOE.

Personally considering the options between making it visible and potentially buffing the HP or keeping it as is makes me inclined to think it’s better as is. It’s incredibly easy to kill and is essentially an awareness check. I’d rather it be something that literally just stops mongo tunnelers from securing the kill than something that’s super easy to spot - target - but have any more HP than it already does.

You can also Ice block in it!

regardless if it has 12k or not it’s healable for the love of god. ITS HEALABLE if you’re playing against R1/glad players 2300+ MMR then you know it’s hard enough already rotating CCs to get the kill let alone try and kill the seed after you already killed the player. I’d be okay with it staying in the game in arena if it wasn’t healable if you want buff the HP and make it unhealable whatever.

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I think its more so that it’s just a BS clutch it a lot of cases

had a game to today where both teams rogues die at the same time, the other teams is nightfae, the mage on the other teams mage DBs me then sheeps me and the rogue comes back to life

in situations like that its pretty BS