Night Fae Seed

You dont have a PVP toon.

Literal 1400 dumpster case.

The targetting on seed is mental. PvP in this game is beyond a waste of time.

wait is it actually from afk arena? LMAO

Also make it so that you drop flag in WSG/Twin Peaks & drop orbs in Kotmog

The fact that you can BOP it is just laughably absurd.

The problem is targeting. The seed is bugged AF which should not be acceptable in RATED arenas.
In one match the seed simply disappeared it wasn’t there and could not be targeted.
And in most cases, the seed mesh is in a different place than its hitbox.

/tar regenerating wildseed

Yeah, it’s a pretty similar concept to Talene’s “Phoenix Rising” ability, even down to the part of her being untargetable while in fireball form (equivalent to seed form). Granted, you can target the Night Fae seed, it’s a pain to do.

Description of Talene’s “Phoenix Rising” below. I’m just glad the seed isn’t as OP as Phoenix Rising lol.

“Every time Talene dies she transforms into a fireball. While in this state, Talene recovers 7% of her max health every second and cannot be targeted by her enemies but will still receive the positive effects of her allies’ abilities. Once Talene’s health reaches 50%, she is reborn, resulting in a brilliant explosion that deals 200% area damage to enemies. Talene’s Recovery Rate is reduced by 20% every subsequent time that she transforms into a fireball.”

its very easy to target the seed actually… sometimes i dont even know if there were a seed out there but i have a macro that solves this problem easily!

add this
/Target Regenerating Wildseed
to any of your main abilities for instance i use it with kill command
so when i spam kill command my Target automatically switches to the seed

Faster to Target
Easier to Kill

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Played a fire mage/rogue in 2s earlier. Killed the rogue and the mage polymorph spammed my warrior so we couldn’t kill the rogue’s seed in time.

They reset the fight. The rogue reopens on us and then we killed the Mage. Rogue blinded me and stunned my warrior so we couldn’t kill the mage’s seed.

Then we lost the game to the third reset. Call me bad or whatever… but losing to this seed is infuriating. It needs to go away from arena forever.


2v2 with a disc priest vs rogue/hunter. Killed the rogue, disc priest died, killed the hunter (at which point their whole team was dead so we won) who died going around corner of pillar. Couldn’t get it in sight in time to do more than half damage to it. Hunter comes out with more health that I do, we lose. That’s BS. Please remove this from arena.

I am Nightfae. I fully support a nerf of the seed damage needed to at least 50%. If you don’t have burst or cooldowns, or you’re an Aff lock, there’s no doing 12k damage in 10 seconds.

I agree, should be nerfed or removed entirely.

I mean just on principle. You could easily kill a S5 dk ghoul spawn thing also if you had handily won the match to that point.

As a DH I don’t really much care for Niya… it has that mastery thing which is fine but Dreamweaver has a conduit that slows someone for 90% decaying over 2 sec after you stun, incap, root them which I find pretty useful in PvP and PvE. I do need to check out Niya and see how that mastery buff it gives DH feels

This is the worst part of it.

Sounds to me like you succ at 2s and need a battle res. Why is Pod allowed in rated 2s and 3s but shaman incarn isnt, warlock soul stone isnt, DK and Druid B res isnt?Oh because that would be broken??? Obviously, but a pod that is difficult to burn through after using all your cds, that can be off healed, is allowed. 10/10 Try targeting and killing a pod when there is an army of the dead and an Apocalypse right on top of it.

Well here is one for ya. Be a Holy Priest that has seed and then add in the legendary cloak that gives you a free Brez after they die. So basically you kill the Holy Priest and then you are like alright now kill the seed and after you kill seed if you can even target it then the Holy Priest goes into spirit of redemption and the way the legendary works is once you go into spirit of redemption and you are healing your team mates the more heals they put out as a spirit will determine how much HP they have when the cloak will Brez them. I would come back to life with around 85% HP so basically you have to kill the Holy Priest 3 times before they are finally dead. Its kinda game breaking imo and I dont think you should have to kill a healer 3 times before they are finally out of the picture and yes this works in Arena and RBG and out in the world.

Here is an example, I was in an RBG the other night my team was wiped at LM in AB they took control of the flag. So I was in spirit of redemption however there was no one around for me to heal so I Brez with like 10% hp then used my serenity to get about half my hp back. The other team thought it was clear so they started to all leave the node except one person who wasnt even looking he was off in the distance where the hill starts to slope down. Long story short, I managed to use the legendary brez myself then I capped the flag before it turned over to the opposing team.

This one small event caused the other team to go into panic mode and they lost the game because they thought there was no one alive at LM in AB. Its really a wtf moment and to me thats kinda game breaking imo. But hey, always remember to kill the priest only Holy Priest can get this lego so if you see a Holy Priest in Spirit be ready because they may have that lego and brez to take a node like I did the other night. Just a heads up for those that may be unaware.

Have a great day everyone.