Nice hunter fixes

100% agree, BM is unplayable in higher difficulty of all the aspects of the game, BM hunter can’t go too far in Mythic Raid, Dungeon, and higher CR pvp.

This means BM has a big problem and need to be addressed ASAP

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You sound so dumb it’s not even funny. Maybe if you made an actual competent post you’d be taken seriously. You think any dev or mod is going to read that pile of trash? Stop typing like a 12 year old.

I actually understand why he is mad, mad word but there is a reason.

Just how lazy Blizzard stuffs are? the game is full of bug and the spec are so not balanced, is like forcing everyone to play only 5 specs. People got no CHOICE in the game.

I’d rather them fix the garbage loot system then hunters. BM being underpowered actually has me less upset than the loot system in shadowlands. I still switch to bm in world and torghast . It’s miles better in torghast than mm is. Just finished layer 8 twisting corridors solo as bm with no bm legendary.

that too brother, the loot system is forcing people to play over and over with no rewarding.
And that’s my point, they are SO LAZY! They need more time to develop the next game expansion so they cut the loot down, just like they lazy to fix the problematic BM hunter even tho it is unplayable.

Yeah BM is way better in torghost, but everyone can get it done, even if not, just gather a team and it is doable .

But anyways, they need to get up and work to fix these problems.

It’s calculated. They need people to keep playing and loot scarcity keeps more people playing longer. The fastest way to get people to quit is to max out their gear and get bored. So, it’s not necessarily laziness as it is the almighty dollar. They either make loot scarce or provide content patches more often. The latter requires they spend more money.

That being said, in the dev interview in PC Gamer they said they were working on increasing loot drops. Exactly as some people predicted. Keep the loot scarce until the second half of this content patch. I expect something to be put in place by the middle of February.

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I think it’s gear dependent. I hear that from a lot of folks, but I found that Torghast was much easier as MM. Once my ilvl broke 200, the burst provided by MM made most of Torghast trivial. As BM, I relied on my pet too much and it was just getting gibbed left and right.


That sure is part of it. Now I may be old fashioned, but I remember when you traded a good/service for a fair price and called it a day. What blizzard is doing is just taking a statistic and attaching artificial meaning to it so they, the suits, can keep their job, and the investors who do not know any better assume its a good indicator.

Somewhere along the line blizzard got Pay time confused with Play time, and this is how it has unfolded.

Look at what you wrote… think about what BM is and try to figure out what kind of flag you just waved around.

Hit the nail on the head. I don’t think anyone is upset BM isn’t above MM this xpac - it’s the amount behind ALL classes that makes it unviable in any high level content right now, forcing people to switch specs or abandon the class entirely. In BFA, MM was behind 9% and still a solid mid-tier DPS. BM and SV are dead last this xpac, which is bizarre for a pure DPS class.


@op you forgot to thank them for the arcane shot noone speced BM has put on their bars. I tried to once during a raid, not one time in the 3 hours did i find a moment in which i could have used arcane shot…
also, fix the pet AI yourself, maccro ALL of your pets abilities into your rotation buttons. (like add all of them to each ability)

There’s a Torghast ability where mobs taking arcane damage get turned into household objects. As if arcane shot itself wasn’t enough of a joke.

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Everything they gave us was so they had something to attach anima powers to.

Kill Shot - The only new ability that gives a benefit, but still scales poorly compared to other class executes.
Arcane Shot - No BM Hunters use it, because it’s inefficient. The need for it is so situational, I don’t know anyone that even keeps it on their bars.
Tranquilizing Shot - Offensive dispel on the GCD, but offensive dispel removed from pets.
Eyes or the Beast, Scare Beast and Hunter’s Mark - Literally just for anima powers.


Um. BM is supposed to depend on their pet. Or have I been playing BM wrong all these years? Heh.

As for the pet dying with surprising ease by the Torghast mobs/bosses, that’s all on Blizz. Gimping us again and again.

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No crap. My point is that reliance made Torghast more difficult than it needed to be, especially after nerfing our pets.

It may be part of the reason they went ahead with it, but the reason they made it so that so little loot drops in SL is because that’s what the streamers said they wanted. “Less, more meaningful loot”.

Does it feel meaningful? No.

Probably a bandaid but adding some pet-centric powers would be nice, oh, like the abilities they took away years ago like…

  • pet’s ranged attacks
  • pet’s interrupt
  • pet’s buff-removal
    and so on…

We’re seeing extra powers in the selection list with the Torghast doggo companion so why can’t Blizz add a few for hunter pets?

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Because they’re players who work hard to keep the class down, and Blizzard listens more to those players than Actual players who really play the class…

Had to remember; for every player who writes a good post about hunters; there’s at least 10 players who’re gonna oppose the post.

Would love to see some statistics of how many post are writing on behalf of Hunters v. those who opposed the class…

Believe the results are gonna be a disparity.

However; bet you most of those players who opposed Hunters are Clickers, Noobs, and beginners. Players who had reach their class max level and still do not understand a basic Rotation…

Anyways, I will always play the class…
They can Nerf Hunter’s but not me

Literally because of corruption. It would have still been low-mediocre without corruption carrying the spec.