Nice hunter fixes

So since they actually refuse to acknowledge anything compiling some issues;
Animal Companion (the AI is terrible and is still riddled with bugs using any pet command with animal companion as a talent breaks the second pet)
Legendaries: no choices for legendaries, soul forged sucks, its clunky the game design for it is horrible and feels down right bad to play with, nobody that was BM asked for tar trap and flare to be a dps rotation.
Covenants: this goes across the board but when the only fix to our mediocre AoE is wildspirits theres a problem, when every single hunter is Night Fae because the other abilities down right suck outside of Resonating for pvp there is a problem.
Pet survivability: pets get rocked in every form of content, mend pet is constantly on use, and being stuck with a clefthoof because spirit beasts were gutted feels bad. Having disgustingly bad utilities for pets in torghast whoop de do I can MD my pet on cooldown for a DR isnt okay. Especially when they just get rocked in high floors
Anima Powers in torghast: they’re bland not unique, uninspired and need an overhaul and feel down right half baked.


Dead last? Woohoo! We’re number 1! (At being the worst)

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Agreed. BM legs are terrible. I posted this before but they need to add some fun stuff like this;

BM leg that during beastial wrath kill command cleaves and adds a bleed.

BM leg that has a chance on cobra shot to summon a snake trap at your target location, snakes add stacking debuffs to target (wound poison, crip poison, stacking poison etc)

BM leg that brings back Hati/art weapon lightning aura during multishot for more burst aoe damage (BM needs it).

Leg that reduces the cooldown of stampede by 50% (like dk absolute zero) and adds some sort of CC effect to it like a continuous knockdown that doesnt DR with stun. (this would help BM in pvp)

I have grown to detest animal companion and pet AI in general. I know we aren’t the only ones that deal with this but man does it suck in M+ having to dismiss pets before a jump. Ive been told conflicting information that this was fixed only to have my pet pull anyway.

idk man, we need something. Even the torghast powers are cancerously boring with literally no thought put into them.


Lets be real for a second, all of those are neat ideas, however given the history blizzard has with BM I would settle for the token % across the board go away and stop bugging us buff.


At this point is rather them delete stampede the new one is ridiculously bad compared to the old iteration
The other ones sound fine
I just want them to do something to atleast acknowledge the problem


more hotfixes
and still absolutely nothing they hot fix rogue anima powers but can’t seem to fix hunters. or let alone address them. give us something


BM balance and loot changes are the only thing that is going to bring me back to the game. I’m tired of chasing the fotm spec and refuse to do it.

The worst part is the changes are so easy to do and yet they refuse to. Its frustrating beyond belief.


I am going to be trying to solo mythic dungeons and what not soon, making sure I have a bit more gear first. I’ve been enjoying myself more casually than I am used to, but it really is kind of sad seeing such huge gaps in performance for those who are raiding. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such wide discrepancies.

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I’m SO tired, expansion after expansion, Hunter buffs always take nine months to 1 year to make.

but you bet your butt, if hunters are over powered the Nerf will come in two weeks or less.

it has been this way for as long as I can remember, way back in wrath days or even before.

Blizzard, you are so F’ing bad at this. The fact that you don’t have dedicated people playing these specs internally is unforgivable.


Exactly This.

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Sorry you missed it. BM was a flavor of the month during 8.3 and 8.4 of BFA. And Animal Companion was the go-to talent. BM is powerful when on max stats during the last stage of expansion. And also it so happened they had powerful Azerite powers at max stats on BFA. On a new expansion, BM’s stats is FAR FROM MAXIMUM besides losing powerful Azerite powers. There is no legendary in Shadowlands that is equivalent to BFA’s Azerite powers. So it lost its awesome powers and they become bottom performers on damage meters like on early expansion of Legion and BFA.

I was a full-time BM since Legion and enjoyed our dominance on 8.3 and 8.4 on BFA. I worried for BM when the new expansion came. As soon as I saw we lost our Azerite powers at day 1 on Shadowlands, I immediately switched to MM.

But I am still checking BM’s powers. And I dont see them becoming powerful right now. Maybe on 9.3 and on 9.4. We will see. Switching specs is easy anyway on Shadowlands as Hunters get all conduits regardless of specs. And we dont need to make many legendaries. Hope I could switch back when that day comes when BM gets its powers at max stats.

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my demo lock and left behind BfA BM hunter feels you

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It is truly depressing that Blizzard is so trash at EVER listening to Hunters or doing anything meaningful with them. Been this way for over a decade, and I doubt it’ll ever change. Blizzard never fails to astonish me with each new expansion just how idiotic and stubborn they are.

Take an hour with each spec in each type of content and you’ll swiftly find that things are not up to par across the board. But what do I know, I’ve only been playing Hunter off and on since Vanilla.


Bm needs about five things fixed and it would be dope. Pets not dying so fast. Pet Rez being 2 seconds again. 5% damage returned back to bm. Stomp damage turned to not break traps…they did this for death chakram why can’t they fix it for stomp. Tired of accidently breaking my own traps in pvp just to maintain my stacks during my burst. Dismiss pet being returned to arena as sometimes the pets get stuck or you have wrong pet out. Sometimes I forget till it’s to late due to talking plans with partners and or changing talents. Be nice to change pets like stance dancing. Sometimes it comes to a 1v1 vs a class that a different pet is the only option vs, but the arena match required total different pet. Just some changes I’d like to see. Also crows glitch being fixed with animal handler that nerfs it’s dps. Not sure that last part was intentional or not on blizz part


Bm is not even bad, just marks atleast with night fae is pretty busted. thats due to the interaction with our best legendary being serp stalkers trickery double procing wild spirits, ive raided with a bm hunter an they do just as much damage as a marks one. if they tune down night fae for marksman hunter or atleast fix wild spirits to be less overpowered for marks, you will see more bm, bm literally suffers from what marks did in bfa, wasnt a bad spec, but why play marks in bfa when bm was so overtunned and better at everything you could do.

I’d feel sorry for BM hunters… but you guys didn’t give a toss about MM the last few years so…

Have fun.

Not all of us were even playing then. Also, people who enjoy a spec aren’t a monolith.

So, sorry I wasn’t around at the time to argue for MM too, I suppose.

Edit: Also, more than just BM needs to be addressed anyway right now. SV is also in a bad state, and MM has terrible scaling and is already showing signs of falling behind in raiding. The hunter class as a whole needs to be look at.


I’m getting to a point I dont even have the desire to log in and play I hate MM I cannot get good dmg outta it becauae its so odd to me I just want bm or survival to be good so I can dump mm

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I am sorry, did you want me with my zero experience as MM to roll up and derail all the threads with my -12 sense? Are you personally so week that you have no idea what you are doing as a MM that you are unable to formulate your own views and express them constructively? Perhaps you need to form a guild where you can all fight each others battles for them?

Or do you want the real T hunty? You just want the lowest hanging fruit to pelt people with so you can feel better about yourself.


Comparing apples to oranges…

First of all, that’s a huge assumption. This forum was filled with Hunters from all specs asking Blizzard to fix MM.

Secondly, MM wasn’t that far behind BM before SL. It was noticeable, but MM was still in the middle of the rankings. They were technically competitive, but not the top spec. The biggest issue was how clunky the rotation was.

BM is literally dead last in every aspect of the game right now. The difference between MM and BM now is exponentially larger than it was in BfA.