Nice hunter fixes

I see blizzard listened to the hunter community and addressed the following;
Buffed other BM legendaries to be more viable options to soulforge
Fixed pet pathing and AI
Made spirit beasts less squish
Remembered survival was also a thing
Reworked hunter anima powers in torghast

Bravo for listening to the feedback from the hunters, that has only been provided since early beta… NOT REALLY BECAUSE THIS IS ANOTHER TUNING PASS with no hunter fixes let alone addressing the problems

People have tried voicing concerns; BM is a stagnated spec that hasn’t changed since legion and has become so baked into the pet the gameplay is down right boring and not really intuitive, animal companion is a trash talent that needs to go as it exacerbates the pet AI problem that the devs ignore, and the legendaries are non existant
Marksman: not much to say with this not an MM player it seems to be in a better state than BFA? Correct me if I’m wrong.
Survival: error 404 spec not found.

Whats the point of anyone providing feedback for a class they enjoy if its constantly ignored, and other classes are being addressed more frequently.


It’s definitely disappointing. BM legendaries are lacking, and pets across the board for PVP fall apart like a wet paper bag.

For BM, I think some of the talents need to looked at eventually. For some abilities like Dire Beast or Spitting Cobra, there’s no situation where we really want to use these talents even though they are pretty cool in concept. Kill commands damage also should be looked at.

SV has its own issues. I think in mythic+ to my understanding it has good AOE. So far from the data we have it doesn’t seem that great in raiding, and in PVP it has similar issues to BM right now and the meta doesn’t favor it at all.


It’s in a better state yes. The changes they made in SL definitely helped. That said there are still problems with the spec in terms of survivability, especially in pvp.


Oh I get it, you are being facetious. :smiley:
I already unsubbed. I just checked MMO-Champ and I see are BUFFS to damage for the likes of WindWalker and Rogue and Warrior. LOL!!!

No Hunter changes!!! LOOOOOOOL!!!

Blizzard, if you read this, you are so f’ing incompetent you don’t deserve subs. Get some FULL TIME STAFF playing each spec in PvP for F’s sake already. What kind of management have you got there? You’ve been strictly incompetent at this for yeeeeeears, wise up chumps.


BM and survival desperately need a buff, and instead we get:

“Hunters can now feed their pets Shadowlands meats.”

Blizzard is legit trolling hunters


Yeah, I’m honestly amazed at how stubborn they can be. If a spec is consistently in the bottom 3 with both Mythic+ and raids, you’d think that would be a pretty good indicator that maybe they should actually get off their butts and adjust the damage a bit. Especially considering how long it took for them to actually start making class adjustments this expansion.

This is absolutely the biggest insult of all. Really? You exerted the manpower required to add all those IDs to the table, but couldn’t be bothered to tweak our damage aura?

Utterly incompetent.


They do say it’s “a work in progress”, so maybe we’ll see something??

If not, we’ll be in a good race with Destro for dead last (BM that is). Surely that’ll get us noticed for the next pass right?


What if your pet isn’t a meat eater?


Be nice if they would work on the covenants for MM also. I enjoy venthyr too much to swap but sure does feel like I’m letting my guild down on raid nights at times.


seriously, the lack of buffs was bad enough, the update to let us feed our @#@#%$ pets shadow lands meat was … just … ya.


Hell, all of the specs need some covenant tuning. You either go NF, or Kyrian for PVP. Venthyr and Maldraxus are left to the way side. I know they don’t want to mess with the meta mid raid tier but honestly there’s a lot more than just raiding, and it shouldn’t have been so wildly imbalanced from the start.

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Covenant balance has been a joke from the start unfortunately. Even on beta, I got the Venthyr ability and just said aloud “really?” It’s astounding to me that they didn’t decide to make Kill Shot’s cooldowns reset on proc. Not to mention randomly halving Death Chakram’s damage for literally no reason.


I was honestly looking forward to Venthyr’s ability. I had this idea in mind that I could go with the bleed talent from ability crits, the serpent sting legendary, and then venthyr to have some dot game play rolling with LnL / Venthyr procs rolling to try and recreate some more reactive gameplay style.

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Feels like they were afraid stats would overpower some but honestly how do you not check that? Just make a beta test item that says character has like 40% haste/mastery w/e and see if it over performs.

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Survival is literally down there with fury and it got nothing
beast mastery is a slight nudge higher and also ignored
what a joke. Windwalker boomy aff lock continues to reign supreme but better nerf mm eyeroll


I frickin love playing with SVs in arenas… would very much like to see some buffs for that sweet class.

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Windwalker and Frost DK got buffs when they have 2h weapons equipped, to attempt to balance them against DW options that get two weapon enchants and oils. This is not a meaningful buff to the output of either spec, and will likely fall far short of the goal in any case.

Assassination Rogues are one of the worst performing specs in the game right now, they absolutely need a buff. Fury Warrior is also in the dumpster.

Of course, BM and SV are in the dumpster right next to them and got absolutely nothing, so???

I hope they get more meaningful changes long term, whether it be a mid expansion talent pass or something at some point. Though I’ll gladly tuning of course instead too.

I expect nothing, they sit on there hands everytime there is hunter problems and refuse to budge talk or say anything of note. they won’t address the legendary issue, covenant tuning, anima power problems, pets, or the laundry list of issues thats been piling up since legion.
its an absolute shame its come to that but when they hold their hands to their ears and refuse to listen what other choices are left.


I doubt it too, but the only thing I can do is hope they change their minds and listen to feedback eventually.


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