[News] Shadows Rising Now Available for Pre-purchase

Gilbert Gottfried will be doing the voices. All of them.


Really SIR, i thought I was GOING to see some kind of CINEMATIC at the BOTTOM, turns out a BOOK? yikess!!

And the funny part is we have more story/interesting elements than the Alliance… Alliance have no inner turmoil. Nothing beyond their enemies.

Horde may play musical chairs with their warchief, but at least it’s something.


Propaganda. The Horde betrayed the Dark Lady through a lack of fighting spirit, under the effect of a successful PsyOp campaign to destabilize the Horde, engineered by the Alliance. Anduin got to Traitorfang, and Traitorfang got to Blood Elf Guy, the sad sack Thrall, and Baine Alliancehoof, who was all too happy to help his buddies in the Alliance stab the Horde in the back.

The gameplay better be frikkin stellar, because I’m sure as fel not buying SL for the story. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


(Statement): The preview was an interesting read. I do think this punches a bit of a hole into some of the discussions I’ve seen regarding Turalyon as a warmongering zealot and such.

The irony is the way you laid it out right there sounds like it would make a pretty good spy movie plot. :sweat_smile:

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Didn’t we kill Sira? This novel doesn’t seem to take place before the Darkshore warfront scenario. So why would she be in a novel if she’s dead?

It’s Horde Sira, basically she’s dead and get ressed and joined Sylvanas.

Any death in Warfront also not canon, otherwise Maiev would also die as well.

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This is pretty typical for the Horde and their leaders.

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And if Genn is right then Talanji is next and perhaps the last or(if Geya’rah is still a warmonger) 2nd to last of the warmongers who will eventually turn on the Horde.

Can we keep the cover as is? I think Shadows Rising: Cover not Final has a real ring to it.


Does this mean July/August for Xpac release? :open_mouth:

COME ON! I need masks first and new yorkers get it first 'cause we’re the best state

I can’t wait to have more story not included in the game so nobody knows what the hell is going on.


You have a thing against books? :astonished: That’s preposterous!

Also, I’m still not a sir, but I appreciate the politeness. :candle:


You have no idea how many WoW fans are dyslexic. A cinematic or actually adding this stuff into the game, is much much preferred or even a cartoon series.

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Yay! :smiley:

How bout y’all put the story in the game we pay $15 a month for.


Can I preorder from Australia?