[News] Death Knights for All Races Preview

Good thing I’m changing mains for 8.3. Half of people are gonna be DK.

So allied race dks start at 20 or 55?

Sounds like 55 because the old DK leveling zone is still going to be in game. So would be rather odd to have them start at diff levels.

Can you please make some DK skins that have the races with more decomposed looks.

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I know that’s what I plan on making. Undead fox for the win!

You’ll need to do it on an Alliance character to unlock them.

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Incoming DK big boy (KT). It’s going to be glorious!

That’s disappointing. I got all the rep and achievements on a Horde character. Looks like I won’t get my mechagnome on patch day :pensive: :cry:

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Why aren’t they being handled like the Legion allied races? All of the other BfA races have faction-specific requirements but the Mechagnomes’ pre-reqs for the quest (like all of the Legion ARs) are faction-agnostic.


Probably because unlike the Legion ones, where all factions and questlines were neutral for both sides, Alliance have no way to gain any progress towards unlocking Vulpera.

Allowing the Horde to completely unlock Mechagnomes on their Horde character would be blatantly unbalanced and just cause even more Horde Favoritism outcry.

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If they want to break precedent in the interest of parity that’s their prerogative but they should’ve made it clear that was their intention more than 5 days before they were released.


Honestly, I’m fine with that outcome. I haven’t done much on Mechagon on any of my Alliance toons, but getting to revered on one of them won’t be the end of the world for me.

Honestly, I chalk the blame there on myself, every time I’ve hopped on an Alliance toon these past few months, I’ve been hit with an inescapable urge to demolish a bunch of old raids for transmogs. There’s so much good cloth/plate stuff I forgot even existed.

There’s a lot of stuff they avoided telling us before the patch, like the fact all legendaries except the warglaives will be moggable.

It’s Blizzard.

The same company who has a good majority of people unsubbing over non-account wide essences but still puts their fingers in their ears saying WE KNOW WHATS BEST NO ACCOUNT WIDE ESSENCES, HERE HAVE THESE 100 REP TOKENS THAT’LL DEFINITELY BE ENOUGH.

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I really feel like allied races helped by both factions should use rep gained on either faction, regardless of whether the matching allied race is a both faction rep. The player ground that rep already.


No DK unique skin colors/faces like with the base races?


If you already have 2 hero characters on a server can you make a new allied race dk on the same server? Or do i have to create the allied dk on a different server to play it?

Can you clarify a bit more? I just saw a tweet from a Blizzard dev that suggested that you can get most of the requirements done on a Horde character. You would just need to unlock the zone first, and then you’re all set to do the Allied Race questline. Here it is:

The limit on Death Knights was removed long ago. You can make 20 of them on one server if you want.


Was honestly hoping for some kind of vignette accompaniment.

Thanks for allowing Allied Race DKs to unlock Heritage.
That was the one thing I was worried about.

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