Newb question.. recent resubb. layering?

Besides which Ion lies all the time. No reason to believe that his promise about sharding transfers to being a promise about layering now that sharding is gone.

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No, he was talking about Layering in the video linked in the thread Eloraell is showing you. This as at the media summit right before Classic beta dropped, and sharding changed to layering.

“… a few weeks in to a single world per realm, no sharding, none of that going forward”.

A single, layered world, perhaps?

My god pal, you are just picking around what he is saying about layering there aren’t you? Can you please go get the full context? There is even a time stamp provided.

I’m just listening to what he says rather than putting words in his mouth.

The entire quote is him talking about collapsing down all of the “worlds” the worlds are layers. Shards are not worlds, shards are zones or even sub-regions of zones.

You may be in a layered continent with 3k people, which for most intents and purposes will feel similar to an established medium pop Vanilla server.

However, if you were unfortunate to have been put in the “spillover” layer with like 50 people in the continent, then you will be in a complete ghost town, which will not change until logout or continental transfer, or partying with someone in that different layer.

/who doesn’t consider layers so will ironically show as many people being present in your ghost zone

A guest on countdown to classic (fan podcast), who deals in distributed cloud computing, had an interesting take on that. Because right now we don’t know if that’s really how it works, as in the “spill-over.” It would probably make more sense for them to actually push some people to a new layer and create a more even distribution. So suppose you approach 3k, you create a new layer, and push 1.5k over there with the other additional folks. And unless Blizzard is just pushing people for no real reason, I think that might already be happening. I was questing in the first Kobold mine after Northshire (Fargodeep)? The mob I was targeting showed up as invalid, then disappeared and a fresh set of spawns appeared around me.

Some folks I think over report how often that happens, but we could expect the occasional glitch of getting pushed to a new layer. I can’t expect the layers would approach 3k players that often though.

Also as I understand it, 3k was the number near which you would get a queue back at launch, so that would actually be more like a High pop server.

CRZ takes all the zone populations and pushes those populations into as few servers as possible.

This is done on a zone by zone basis.

Sharding ignores server and zone populations and only looks at areas (sub-zones) to instance out population congestion.

This is done on a view range by view range basis (while not technically view range that is about to scope of the size sharding covers)

Layering is based on current server populations. Spread loading populations out into as many instances of the server as needed.

This is either done on the server level, zone, or sub-zone level.

The effect of CRZ leaves many instance empty. This is bad as that is where all those resources go untouched unless people manually hop servers.

Sharding fabricate instance copies on demand. The fabrication of resources is unprovable and it’s likely Blizzard can tune those spawn without player knowledge.

Layering is a contained number of instance that will gradually scale downward to extinction. Resources are never in a state of lacking player competition. They are not fabricated on demand. They are removed on demand.

So, CRZ, sharding, and layering are all different. But, CRZ and layering impact large areas while sharding is only for small areas.

Sharding only does this in a few cases (usually a hotspot for expansion or major patch launches). Typically sharding is zone based. For instance when they introduced it initially it was actually used for the pre-Legion event invasions. As I crossed the threshold from Elwynn to Westfall, I could see players materalize around me, as I had entered a new Westfall shard with them.

Edit: And those players persisted on the zone with me, even when I temporarily lost sight of them.

You trust blizzard after BfA?

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It just wouldn’t be a message board without the exaggeration.

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That was CRZ, not sharding. Both look the same

Lol. I can dig it! This live version is where its at though. Watch the King orchestrate this symphony.

So I was wearing my goldfoil hat earlier and medicating. When a thought occured to me. It’s easier to control a server economy when there’s less people. I think this anti-layering thing is being pushed by RMT’ers. Who are intent on controlling the AH. Yea I know there’s legit people who don’t want it but there’s more to it than “missed social interactions”. /conspiracy theory


Except Blizzard explicitly said it was Sharding at the time. They were particularly proud of showing it off.

I notice all the people for layering are people with 1000’s of post which means the are bfa players. They also always seem to agree with whatever blizzard says. If youre a true Vanilla fan you wouldnt want layering.

I leveled every class to 60 in vanilla before tbc. I loved every minute of it and cant wait to do it again. Layering doesn’t bother me at all but i can see why people wouldnt want it. Im just tired of reading blizzards bfa crusaders come in here and try to defend them. They can recreate classic without layering.

basically layering allows people to say they are better than other people and understand things in a very smart manner that is only very smart to themselves and not others

Since we’re nuking the subject, here’s what actually going on in the server infrastructure to support it… Change comma to period for link

You made a video of what happened to you and Blizzard bragged about it being their Sharding tech?

OR, Which is more believable, You took a situation you encountered and attached it to Blizzard’s Sharding tech forever convincing yourself that it’s Sharding.