Newb question.. recent resubb. layering?

can someone explain what layering is… thanks.

It’s like crossrealm battlegrounds but somehow unacceptable by tides of people that have no idea what they’re talking about


Dynamic layering is a system where they ‘imitate’ multiple copies of the same server, so that they can put 12,000 people on a server, while any given person only sees 3000 people.


It’s mutliple instances of your server, but that they all interact as one single server. And their explanation of it seems like it’s more of an on-demand type of system.

It’s like having multiple instances of the game world with each layer containing different people. They are all part of the same realm, but won’t necessarily see each other.

Basically, it’s a system where there will be instanced continents, 3-4 of them, so they can fit 10-12,000 people on a server instead of 3,000. Once you’re in your layer that’s it until you log out or go to a different continent. Unless you want to play with your friends, then they can invite you and it’ll pull you to their layer.

It’s like better sharding.

okay… so… it sounds like more people in a realm.

thats a good thing to find groups. and work with other people.
so im not the only one in westfall - /1 DPS-LFG-VC!!

whats the negative side?


Slippery slopes and strawmen.


i remember being the only person in a zone many times…
or finding myself one of only like 3 people in the entire zone.

merging to increase population sounds like a decent idea.?.

sorry . please explain.

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There may be more people in a realm, but you can’t always see and interact with them-- and that’s the problem.

That concept of being with someone but not being with someone is foreign and unusual since we have nothing like it in the real world.

Maybe you could write a short book on it but suffice to say it impacts the experience and immersion in a wholly negative way.

Layering is a cool idea on paper but as usual, poorly executed by Blizzard. There are so many holes in this system that have been demonstrated by streamers time and time again that could be prevented, but alas.

There’s a population here that’s convinced there’s going to be rampant exploiting layering to make tons of money, crash economies, and that they’re not going to make friends.


Have you played retail lately? Have you seen sharding? It seems ok on paper, but gets really wonky in practice. You may see yourself phasing onto a new layer, or see others appear/disappear.

Others are concerned that jumping instances can yield economy related exploits, like getting rare gatherable profession stuff. etc…

That have been demonstrated in the BETA test, where the intention is to TEST the system, find bugs, find problems, find exploits, and fix them BEFORE release.

The BETA is not a demo, it’s not the finished product, it’s a BUG TESTING environment.


I’m gonna admit… I’m legit forum stalking you now. You’re so close. I MUST WITNESS

yes it is, but there hasn’t been any word about them even acknowledging the problems and the beta has been active for almost two months now, and we know how they are about fixing detrimental problems discovered in betas…



All these layering posts have made me suspicious.

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I have logged in a played a bit. it just seemed more vacant than i was used too. I use to see a few people mining or on nodes… or grinding quest mobs or faction mobs. i see about half what i remember in TBC.
storm wind is packed. as usual.

I am really just waiting on classic. and resubbed . there are always ways to game a system or get an advantage if you know about it.
but i doubt 90% or more of the population wont game anything.
as much as just benefit from a regulated ammount of people in a zone.

I think what a lot of people are forgetting is that is how vanilla was too.