New tortollan quest Calligraphy

The circle version of this quest literally made me log off. Take that blizzard metrics.


If you mount up for the circle version, you can make it almost completely around it before the tracer line disappears.

This is reminiscent of a similar quest in Legion, where you are in a dungeon and have to trace glyph lines to complete. That one was relatively easy, although you had to be careful to not step ‘too far’ out of bounds. This one, however, is RIDICULOUS! I have one toon that is very fast (hunter), and he could not make it completely around, much less my other characters! I don’t mind doing this type quest so much, but there needs to be SERIOUS modification to the quest! Sadly, it’s also a WQ (as of today)…so guess I’ll lose the opportunity to complete this one!

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Alright, so I took a few screenshots of my attempts at this quest, in case the devs need to see what we’re seeing.

Not sure if this should be its own post or not.

I cannot post photos to the thread so lmk if you want them shared somehow.

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The magic sigil quest in Azuna with the ghost night elves had a rather large amount of leeway on the movement you could have on the lines. If I am remembering that one right I think all you really needed to do was have walked over the designated lines once to put them on fire.

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It’s apparently been hotfixed to be easier, haven’t tested it out yet.

nope its the same
my bad i just saw this hotfix, I didnt try it before the hotfix but it is still awful

Night and Day with the hotfix.
You can pause for a moment when moving (used to be a insta-fail) and you don’t have to be perfect. Most # of times to get a shape is now 3 and I’ve nailed some on the first try. Initially it was a minimum of 10 tries.

Yep, same. Got it done in one go.

Can confirm, I actually on one attempt accidentally made a giant squiggle line on one side and Nola not only let me finish the rest of the triangle, but also only gave me the “not bad” comment instead of the "that’s a terrible example for the children! one. Previously I insta-failed if I go even slightly out of bounds.

Tried it after the hotfix, and it does seem to be much more forgiving than it was before.

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This is just a bad design for a quest. Reminds me of the stupid Kirin Tor Puzzle WQ’s, those were the worse, but still easier than this one. They need to change the way this is done or just put in a different quest!

That was completable atleast if you took a screenshot. This is just expecting perfection supposedly after they fixed it in a hotfix.

I’m in the same boat with this quest. I’ve tried numerous times to do this while riding my mount, But I still fail. By the time I get to the first corner on my mount the lines will disappear on me.

I’m finally able to complete it after numerous attempts each time it’s up, But I’ve given up earning the achievement related with these new quests.


This quest is absolute crap. I just spent way too long doing this quest perfectly with no credit. The fixes didn’t fix anything. I have had more bugs in the last month than I have had in the last 10 years. Please fix the quest. This is a great concept for a quest but a complete failure executing it. This is yet another frustrating experience for players.

I simply will not try it ever again. After several tries… forget it such a joke.

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“We made it more forgiving!” I beg to differ. It was nearly spot on, and I still failed. I’ve tried the “don’t stop at the corners”, I’ve tried using markers, I’ve tried ghost wolf, no wolf, ugh forget it.

Hard pass until it’s ACTUALLY forgiving. Otherwise, permanent hard pass.

Edit; used my FP whistle, accidentally summoned my earth elemental after I’d decided “what the heck” and gave it one more try, in ghost wolf, and completed it with a way uglier attempt than any of my previous ones.

  1. FP whistle must be on CD
  2. Accidentaly blow a CD
  3. Use your speed boost
  4. Be a drunken sailor

This is how you win the quest. Edit2: Still a hard pass for me in the future. This wasn’t what I was expecting when I heard they’d fixed it.

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I must say that since the hotfix it seems a lot better. I’ve had a couple fails on it that I’m not sure of the cause, because it looked as accurate as a success on another toon. So it still seems a little inconsistent but it definitely less likely to fail.

Yeah I’ve gotten them all on the first try since the hotfix.

This quest is pure bullsh!t.

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