New tortollan quest Calligraphy

Anyone else try this and just say heck no? I spent 5 minutes on it and it would fail as soon as I stepped off the invisible line by 1/16th of an inch. If I didn’t move fast enough, fail. 1/4 inch to far at a corner? fail. slight slant? fail
Just when I thought they couldn’t make the quests any worse they surprise me by pulling this pos out of their backsides.

Just another quest I’ll ignore until it’s fixed.


yup tried it for a few mins and said nope, never again.


Same. Scrollsage Nola can kiss my @$$.


I really hope the quest as-is is bugged because if this is working as intended, it’s the single worst designed quest I’ve ever experienced not just in this game, but any MMORPG. And I’ve experienced some doozies.


Yeah, this quest makes no sense. I can’t see why it’s supposed to disappear as even the slightest deviation makes you fail.


Oh yes, I only tried a couple times (btw, the line starts to disappear when I look at it from bird’s-eye) before realizing it was going to be a buggy, overly-picky crapfest. Blizz, you need to really go over this one again, cause it ain’t good.

On the upside, the ‘kill the turtles’ one is good.


It took me awhile to finally get this one, not the biggest fan lol

But I suppose you would want the absolute best for the little ones.

It is. Not more than Shell Game but pretty close.


I checked on wowhead immediately after getting annoying from repeat failures and tried the method of riding a mount and memorizing where the four corners are. It helped IMMENSELY. Riding a mount significantly reduces the risk of wobble and as long as you know where the corners are, the rest is easy.


It’s surprisingly buggy, and even if it weren’t, walking a square is not exactly fun or engaging game play. Whoever approved this needs to take a long look in the mirror.

That said, the other good piece of advice from Wowhead was to use the forward, strafe, and back keys rather than turning your character.


Thanks for that tidbit, It did help after the 20th try but I may be avoiding these in the future lol


It took me for freaking ever just to walk in a square perfectly enough for the damn turtle. Walk to be more accurate? NOPE TOO SLOW! Ran slightly too far? YOUR SQUARE ISN’T PERFECT ENOUGH! And then you have to talk to her to start it over again…


After commiting the corners to memory (took about 5 minutes to get the precise points worked out) I tried three times with walking, no success. I tried using the click-to-move option and walked the pattern 3 times perfectly and still no success. This quest is either bugged or a passive-aggressive swipe by the devs for people complaining that the Tort’ quests were too easy.


still in beta don’t worry it will get fixed next xpac.


I tried it and got a hit and miss.

After testing, make sure you end exactly on the final point and not go over.

I was told by someone to reload my ui after I tried like 10 times and it then worked!

  • Completely non-intuitive instructions (nothing to indicate you are NOT allowed to stop/be still for ANY reason during it)
  • the shape disappears before you’ve even managed to start moving for more than 1s while also not allowing for ANY deviation in the shape at all
  • The locations often have trees and overhead cosmetic terrain which will obscure the shape if viewed with the camera angled overhead

Pretty much convinced whoever is being allowed to make this stuff isn’t being required to test anything.

I didn’t think it was possible for Blizz to make a WQ worse than Like the Wind (pre-flying), but guess the design team took that as a personal challenge.

-10 out of 10 on this one.


Nola is telling me I failed before I even get to the second corner… even though I apparently followed that first line perfectly according to the shiny gold line.

This quest had better just be buggy because as it is now it is awful. Whoever came up with this mess should have their cookies taken away.

** Finally got it done. Had to make my imp stand exactly where the 2nd corner was for the triangle. So if you have minions that you can move around it can help to place them in a corner to give you an idea where you need to go. **


Yeah, this is easily the worst quest design. I’m not doing it, Tortollan rep can come as it will. I’m done.


I just spent about 20 mins trying to do this. I was given a triangle. My path matched perfect and still failed. I really hope they fix this soon, or else no one will do it.

This is nuts.

A week ago, everyone was upset because the Tortollan quests were “too easy” and “impossible to fail”.

So what’s the problem NOW? You really asked for it.