New tortollan quest Calligraphy

Glad I am not the only one having issues, what a PITA! I just skipped it after like 10 tries - on mount, off mount, walking speed, etc… I even marked the points with raid markers and still no go. Disappointing quest.


The square was okay.
The triangle was annoying.
Doing the circle tracing today?
Nola can find a stick and beat her little turtle kids until they do their own tracings right.


I got the circle as my first attempt. I really don’t know how, but I was lucky to land it on around the 10th try. I’ll probably be avoiding these in the future, though. Seems incredibly difficult when the guide line disappears and it allows no margin for error!

Got the circle today, yeah, I used walk and it despawned literally 1 s after I started on it… got maybe 10 feet if that, and no, I did NOT wander off the circle, I was spot on it.

Look at it this way, it does look like they fixed my Sliver of Incandescence.

I’m waiting til someone makes a video.

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Almost exalted with those cringey turtles and look forward to skipping all future quests.


I have had no issues with the new quests.

I have a feeling that there is no leeway added to the quest so even being off by a smidgen has it fail.

Thought you had that square made? Nope you were off by a millimeter on the second corner so you need to do it again because you can do better.

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Yes. Do not complain about the square which is child’s-play compared to the triangle. Do not complain about the triangle which is easy-peasy compared to the circle. The circle is impossible. Even if they left the guide sparkles on the ground forever doing a circle as perfectly as needed to complete this quest would be way to difficult.

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The circle was actually the easiest for me.

Someone up above brought up the possibility that you “win” by getting close enough enough times rather than getting it perfect and I’m beginning to believe that.

Or maybe it’s just bugged as all hek hek hek

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Laeth: there you have it. I did the square without a thought, but it was in a field with straight rows of plants, and aligned with the rows. Start was on a row, and I got around the first corner before the guide sparkles disappeared. All I had to do was continue straight to the correct row, follow the row, and make the last turn even with the end point which is marked.

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Yep, this is definitely one of those “don’t think about it” operations.

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I didn’t think I could dislike the Tortollan quests more than I did. I was wrong…

I haven’t hit the circle one yet but the square and triangle are a pain in the behind. On my hunter I dropped a trap in one corner and made my pet stand in the other corner and it still took me three goes to do the triangle 0_o

And the Cycle of Life one is even more of a pain than the beachhead one. I find the crab lags a little so it’s constantly getting hit, or missing the turtles. So I’m getting kicked out of the crab at least a couple times each attempt.

I think I might just stop doing Tortollan WQ in general. They’re not fun.


No one:

Blizzard: How can we lose even more players?


I just completed it after like 12 tries. jesus man that was a pain in the backside

Mounting up really does help. tried it a few times before i looked it up, mounted as somebody said, got it… yes its a pain and not a fan.


I seem to have no trouble with this, most of the time. The circle one was the hardest for me, took about 6 tries, this is because it tapers towards one side.

The triangle/whatever took me two tries.

I don’t get the complaints, since any of them seem faster than “Beachhead”, “Story of Loa”, or The shell one, even if you fail several times.

It seems to be very inconsistent between people. I tried the square, which is supposed to be the easiest one, multiple times. Never got close according to the NPC. Half the time it would fail before I made it around all 4 sides.
I can do the Story of Loa and shell game in under a minute. Beachhead takes about 2.5 minutes for me.
If they adjust this to be a bit more forgiving, like the rune tracing in a previous xpack (forget which one) I’ll do it every time. Until then, it’s just another one I’ll skip.

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So far I’ve heard about these shapes:

  1. Circle
  2. Square
  3. Triangle

What I usually do is place world markers at critical spots to give me something to aim for.


The shell one/loah are the quickest, while the beachhead/crab ones are the longest ones currently at least to me.

Its not even the speed that I hate about it as the calligraphy is one of the quicker ones too. It’s more of do to the fact that it likes to fail you even if you get it on the line with barely any deviation.

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