New to classic


I’m new to classic and looking to find a home to play with. I’ve been wanting to try classic out for a while but no one I knows plays it. I’m looking for a guild that doesn’t mind a very casual noob in its ranks. Any faction or any server. Discord is Pofifi#0251

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i’d be down to level with you if you want

Come check out Solstice! We have lots of players new to Classic!

Same, id be up for re-rolling if it meant leveling with someone also. Currently working on a horde toon on nethermind, but id be up for any faction any server as you said.

Paddling that same boat. No one I know playing classic but I’m looking to jump in ( and back into TBC ). Been a Horde player for 16 years but have no issues jumping to Alliance.

hit me up on netherwind! or add me as a friend, battletag: VandyGuy1#1471

Hi Nossela,
Come check out my forum post. We are pretty inclusive and new people are more than welcome. Everyone is always helpful. We are focusing on TBC right now but lots of us leveling new classes to play. My discord is in my post so feel free to hit me up with any questions. Glad to have you if you think you’d fit in after reading my post and good luck to you if you feel we might not be the right fit. It’s important to find that right guild and we are not for everyone.

Hey, perhaps we are something you may be looking for?

Grievance is a multi gaming guild that has been around for 20 years this October… we are mainly made up of older, casual/semi casual folks who still like to raid. We realize we all have lives outside of gaming and always take that approach.

We are rebuilding for TBC and looking for laid back folks who want to have fun leveling, running 5 mans and plowing ahead waiting for the TBC launch. We will be raiding in TBC but raiding is not just all we do.

Add me to discord if this sounds interesting and we can talk some more, we are H on Mankrik. Nionya@7814