New SL Lore Book: "Grimoire of the Shadowlands"

Because you’re a Warlock, not a necromancer! :skull:



*casts soulstone on the thread *

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Remember friends: Do not buy Blizzard’s out of game content.

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I don’t think this is going to be a Lore Book in anyone’s perspective like Chronicle was, recounting history.

Given the name, I think it’s a Grimoire for a reason, it’ll be details of how Anima, everyone’s rituals, etc works, with maybe some zone history of who was made when (eg Marasmius) but only inasmuch to explain how the zone’s magic works.


So, basically what the Chronicle books should’ve been from the beginning. I know I’ll be buying it for sure :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As opposed to subscribing to a game that pisses you off?

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It comes from this guy

Honestly I don’t look forward to it on the slightless because of this very own thing. Also I expect another jabs to the Horde races and some praising to Alliance align ones just as Chronicles did

If he enjoys activities inside the game other than the Lore, I don’t see any problem.

I’m sorry - why is it that we think Chronicle was retconned? Because they said it’s from the perspective of the Titans? They never said it was written by them, they just gave it an in-universe perspective.

As far as I can see, nothing in Chronicle has been contradicted and nothing tells me the Grimoire will either.


Chronicles states Kiljaeden made the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne and that the being known as the Lich King was something of his invention.

Here we are, in 2021, with Zovaal having made the Helm and Frostmourne and the Lich King being Zovaal’s Herald™


Chronicle Vol. 3 page 17 which describes the creation of the Lich King mentions nothing about origin of the Helm of Domination nor Frostmourne just that the Dreadlords shoved Ner’zhul’s spirit into it.

Page 51 mentions that the Dreadlords made Frostmourne and since we only see the Jailer rip the Blueprints from the Runecarver’s mind we don’t know what he did with them despite making another Mourneblade himself!

For what it’s worth Kil’jaeden is mentioned as specifically needing a powerful spirit capable of using Magic though the Chronicle refuses to elaborate on why though considering Shadowlands was being made it should be obvious.

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I like pvping folks and doing content with friends and my brother.

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The most glaring example is Daelin not being a pile of ash.

It’s the potential of blizzard retconning a series of books that were originally touted as definitive is what has people rustled.

Do we really need a compendium from the “afterlife” before we even get one about the world of the living and the cultures of the player races, the state of the world?

Ugh… gona skip that one.

So true, didn’t we hear this before? Nothing is final anymore for Blizzard.


Are we really upset that blizzard finally cares about the lore (or realizes it’s marketable) enough to try world building?

You are joking right? I don’t believe for a second they care with all the retcons Shadowlands came with and I’m sure they will change everything they want in the future as well. Remember: The rule of cool goes before everything for them.
Azeroth and it’s races still don’t get any meaningful lore. So I don’t see your point. This is nothing new.

Because I love the old lore. Mostly the RTS and view bits here and there. I still like the Trolls and RP is the only reason why I stay.
In a way I want to know how the story continues because of my past investment. It’s only getting worse though. Shadowlands or the next after it, depending on what it will be and how it will be executed could push me over the edge. It’s so bad.

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I’m not.

Then why post on a forum dedicated to discussing the current story? There are other forums you’d be happier in. Hell there’s even classic wow.

Yes retcons happen. Some of them are needed. Some aren’t. But if you care more about the old lore than the new, you’re going to drive yourself crazy.

Because it’s about the current story and sorry if you only want to hear yes sayers. Classic isn’t something I want do discuss, or enjoy at all and nothing new. Your point is that they would “now” care for the lore… for some reason. If you think so, I don’t see any change.
Perhaps it will be final for the Shadowlands and it won’t get touched after the addon, possible.
My disappointment comes from the fact that the world and the player races don’t get any new lore and that’s a thing for mostly a decade now.

I disagree. With almost all of them. If you have to change something after 20 years, I don’t know what to say. But that’s ok.

Sounds more like it’s something driving you crazy. Like I said:

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Did I say that? BfA sucked. WoD sucked. Cata sucked. I just don’t think the entire story sucks.

You’re spending money and time to complain about things you don’t like, with little to no hope for improvement.

But whatever. Your money, your life.

That’s fair and I see you excluded MoP, it’s the same for me aside from the Garrosh thing.
That’s ok. Like I said I like a view things. An example for things I like from BfA would be Bwonsamdi, or the Drust. It’s not much, but a view things still exist. Even Flyn and Shaw were good and I didn’t hate on the last story book (aside form the logistics / final battle). My problems lay mostly with the main story, the big bad and those things.

That’s not why I spend my money on WoW. Perhaps read before you assume things. I know those things and I am in constant struggle to quit. I spend my money because of a great RP community, years we played and all that investment. I still enjoy that part. Even though I can’t say what the future will bring.
This makes the neglect of the lore only worse. You play in a world, but you only have very view updates to the state of said world.

I mean Kazthan already wrote it, but I will ask again: Then why not focus on the playable races? Many of them don’t even have a single paragraph worth of information about their cultures for example. Let’s not even talk about their internal politics. Or just how does the average day look like for someone like a city guard of Silvermoon/Stormwind? What are the night elves doing right now which did not sail back to Kalimdor? There are still refugees ingame, so some seemingly stayed in Stormwind. Or another example: How is the Kingdom of Ironforge actually run? We have senators running around, so the dwarves have some kind of senate. Is it a democracy? Are these people chosen by the king/ruler?

It just feels like that a book about the realms of the Shadowlands feels like a waste of time. The Shadowlands will be dropped the moment the expansion ends. They are temporary, but the playable races are eternal.