New SL Lore Book: "Grimoire of the Shadowlands"


Maybe they’re changing to xpac-specific Chronicles?!



“and Beyond”?!

The afterlives await in this sprawling compendium, lovingly crafted by the World of Warcraft game team and official Blizzard Entertainment historian Sean Copeland. What lies beyond the veil of death? Journey past this mortal coil and discover the secrets of the afterlives. Study the practices around death and dying on Azeroth, then follow a Broker chronicler through the groves of Ardenweald, over the menacing ziggurats of Maldraxxus, and into the depths of the Maw for a detailed voyage unlike any other. Featuring gorgeous artwork never glimpsed by mortal eyes, a stunning fold-out map, and fresh secrets straight from the game team, Grimoire of the Shadowlands and Beyond is made to be treasured for eternity. In his authorial debut, Blizzard Entertainment historian Sean Copeland opens the vaults of both World of Warcraft and his years of hidden knowledge for all curious souls.

Fresh secrets?!


US link, doesn’t come up in normal search:


Until it’s retconned.



Cool, but I don’t think anyone will really care, since at that point it’ll be close to 9.2 and there won’t really be anything new to tell?

I dunno. This is definitely cool and I’ll be instabuying it, but this should not have been announced for at least another 9 months.


To be fair it wasn’t announced yet, the Twitter user is part of the Blizzard staff yes, but there hasn’t been an Official Announcement yet.

The US link to the book can’t even preorder yet, it’s “out of stock”.

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Even so. “Firstname Lastname is working on his first major project!” is probably more appropriate.

I dunno, man. I almost never am instantly pessimistic towards anything WoW related… but this was definitely a dud move.


Why play the game if it’s gonna get retconned seems too me the only fool here is you for still being subbed

Cuz it sparks joy for you personally as a person?

Don’t understand why you’d continue to be posting as part of a community building exercise if the game no longer brings you joy or pleasure


I dunno why people do that everything we do right now could be retconned ten years from now they retconned quests from vanilla , people are too salty


It makes me sad that they are doubling down on Shadowlands. I’m still holding out hope we leave there in 9.1.

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Nah Hard Worldbuilding > Soft Worldbuilding

100% honest, I’d rather periodic retcons (whether pseudoretcons aka “Lore clarifications” or hard retcons aka “changing the past”) than “UWU IT’S A MYSTERY WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUE ANSWER TEE HEE”


Some of these things have been mysteries for 15+ years time for new ones

I fully disagree. They have a tendency to canonize things that I fully hate.
“yeah the shadowlands doesn’t have ancient death gods, they’re just plebs watched over by a robot. except for the night elf winter queen night elf god, that’s a real god and she dunks on troll gods.”


can anyone refute it

I mean again man, just being real, but if WoW is no longer sparking joy for you, why stay?

Like I took a break during mid-MoP because the narrative I felt was trash and ugly. I took another break at the end of WoD cuz the story didn’t make a lick of sense.

Sometimes you just need a break, and if after a few months away from the game the contempt/anger is still there, then play other things until it goes away (if it goes away).

Cuz like we are moving in a Hard Worldbuilding direction, I don’t think one can question that.


Buddy bought the CE for my birthday, which was obscenely kind of him. So I’m in for one more expansion.


Easily. Play the game for the game, and play for the story in a secondary fashion. As it should be. It’d be [person’s] loss if they stopped playing because they disliked the story direction/retcons/whatever, when they should be playing a video game first and foremost.

Quote my post calling someone a fool.

Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

Subbed for Classic. Loving it.



I don’t separate the story from the game though. Idk how old you are but I think that logic, of playing a game for the sake of playing a game is uncommon among Gen Y (Millennials) or Older and more common among Gen Z (Zoomers).

I (late Millennial, 25 years old) cannot separate a story from the game mechanics. If the story has a 0/100 score, I don’t care if it’s mechanically my ideal game, I won’t play it. Likewise if the story is perfect but the mechanics are crap (to me), I also won’t play it.

Both are essential to me to enjoy a game.


Your Classic subs feed the Retail Soul Death Machinations! All the souls go to the machine!


I am aware. And that’s perfectly ok because I don’t have to play retail. I’m more than willing to pay $15 / month just for Classic.


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