New SL Lore Book: "Grimoire of the Shadowlands"

I mean your living rent-free in blizzards head, I mean thats all I care about people like you paying for my devepolment, cause unlike most people here who hate the game I like it, so all of you are just paying for something you dont like and supporting my addiction so thanks, you are even supporting my argument addiction

I think the argument being made is that because Warcraft is a long running and ever evolving franchise, there’s not one single work that’s always going to stand as “perfect uncontradicted canon” forever.

The franchise has always operated in such a way that every new game, expansion, novel, comic, etc, elements of the previous entries are contradicted/retconned. Warcraft 1 might as well take place in a different universe than Warcraft 3 or the Warcraft movie. Indeed, it largely does.

So if the idea that future retcons renders this book without any value, then the same can be argued of the Shadowlands expansion, as it’s inevitable that elements of that expansion are going to be contradicted/retconned in future material as well.

But we don’t just play an expansion because of how many/few retcons it has. Or how likely it is/isn’t to be retconned in the future. Similarly, many people buy these books because they enjoy the art, stories, the world building, or collecting of the book in and of itself.

Classic/Vanilla’s been retconned to heck and back, and people still go back to it. And many are looking forward to Burning Crusade, which I’m pretty sure features more retcons (and major ones) per capita than any WoW expansion before or since.



The hits keep coming.



We all like the game for various reasons Kat. Or we wouldn’t be on this forum, arguining over fictional lore in a video game. And lets get back on topic…like seriously.

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thats not true, some people are just here to play the victim, THere are nelf players still mad, even tho, they are getting so much in shadowlands, they are mad cause they didnt get everything they wanted, like as if 9.0 is the only patch we are getting lol

Here’s to hoping this book sheds some light on things we don’t/probably won’t immediately see in game. Glimpses into the other, lesser realms of the Shadowlands could be really neat. Or, hell, even information upon whichever plane of existence the Brokers or those ‘Eternal Travelers’ come from.


Why does everyone always derail my threads :sob:

Go support/bump warlock stables if yall vibe with it as mild penitence >_> please and thank you

yeeee or just more backstory/lore in general



There is absolutely no reason to buy this book. They took our money with Chronicle and then promptly decided to ignore it, they’ll do the same here. Blizzard has not earned the trust for me to say otherwise.


Blizzard has this ugly habbit of throwing out their lore when they want to ram the next “Rule of Cool” or “Metal” moment down our throats…which often isn’t as cool or metal as they thought it would be


From What's the Point of Lore Compendiums? :

You claim they ignored the Lore about Valkyr yet the Lore of Valkyr never actually outright mentioned Spirit Healers! You have been treating Wowpedia as if it were Chronicle itself yet it isn’t!

It only took a direct quote from the Chronicle in regards to Alternate Timelines and the Emerald Dream. It did not take direct quotes for everything else it interpreted from the Chronicle!

Someone with a Wowpedia account should rectify the Wiki’s mistake concerning Spirit Healers as the Chronicle never actually mentions them!

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You know damn well what Blizzard was trying to imply with that line lol “watching over the physical world”, “would at times guide the dead back to the world of the living”

Don’t be coy


How dare you besmirch Yvenathilm’s name like this.
If there’s one thing he doesn’t do, it’s ‘know’ things. He’s a ‘wildly speculate’ man, and don’t you ever insinuate otherwise.


And the statement is still vague enough for them to make the Spirit Healers into Kyrians without actually contradicting the Chronicle…

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Nothing will stop Yvenathilm on his quest to create a unified theory of entertainment media.


The part I love about Yvenathilm the most? His theories and ideas are often a thousand times better than anything Blizzard often comes up with. We should him in charge of the lore. We would definatly get consistant lore for a change :smiley:

Necro bump because why make another post:

New release date announced via amazon, July 14 2021, and it’s apparently to be 208 pages


Fairly large lore book. Must be the new “chronicle”

its from the perspective of the eternal ones, if i remember correctly.

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I don’t really understand the point of this book outside of making some quick money. Everything that was ever written will be retconned sooner or later, because it disrupts the story the writers want to tell…and instead of trying to go around the problem with an alternative solution they use the sledgehammer.


thats their fault, because by retconning chronicle, they destroyed their own Credibility