New Servers without Layering

It’s not a mistake when it’s the best option available. Server merges kinda suck but they beat layering for any length of time.

it wouldn’t matter if they’re layered or not - the result will be similar with a 10-15k pop on a single server.

That’s true. 5-7k max would be better.

They should definitely put up one or two new servers wihout layering, so we can all experience mosh-pit starting zones.

it would be a sight to behold lol. i’d hop on for the luls.

I guess we have to agree to disagree on that one. Server merges ruin the social dynamic of the server. It would probably heal over a long period of time, but its still not an ideal solution.

End of the day, this is a no win situation. Some people will always be unhappy, on both sides of this argument.


Most of the casuals have had their taste and the no-lifers and exploiters have their toons.

Might have some congestion - but now is a good time to have some real layerless servers.

Blizzard doesn’t owe you anything.

Blizzard OWES us nothing

It has ruined the economy because the auction price from rare drops decreases by a few gold because the supply has increased? This has tanked the economy? Very few people on Classic servers have much gold right now, so those items could not drive a very high price to begin with.

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When you think about it why even merge? Allow transfers off for those interested and shut the server down and open up a new phase 1 server.

For every server that dies a new phase 1 server is created.

Maybe we should get a server without layering, so that after less than an hour of being on one and realizing WHY layering exists in the first place, we’ll be able to finally shut up with these threads.

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I played on eq tlp ragefire. classic launch of eq in the modern day. there were so many people everywhere, you couldn’t find a camp almost. lots of complaints, so then they added instanced picks (it’s like layers, but you can manually change). The economy changed, but i don’t remember any griping, and that’s because before the instance picks, life was 1000% miserable trying to find mobs to kill because there were so many people.

Coming from eq tlp, and i’ve referenced several times in my posts here, none of this stuff is a shock.

I think the tone on layering would be 100% different if classic wow had started without it.

Even after all the entitlement stigmas, they still claim that the world owes them. /sigh

Go build your own server, then you can owe yourself. /fixed

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Its like people think everyone’s running around with 300g and already have their epic mounts.

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Isn’t layering just temporary anyway? To be eliminated by phase 2?

I’m fine with layering. At level 26, i have seen extremely crowded zones (Hillsbrad anyone?) and i can only imagine the horror it would be without layering.

Depends on the reason they are against it really. From what i can tell, there are 2 trains of thought on this:

  1. Exploiters are ruining the econemy by abusing layer hopping (Which is a valid complaint, even if i think it is blown out of proportion)


  1. Vanilla didn’t have layering, so Classic shouldnt either (Which i dont agree with, because why wouldnt you want something that could let you play instead of sitting in queue for hours, but i digress)

I think you could be correct about the 1st group, but the 2nd group were never going to be happy about layering, as its #nochanges or nothing for them.


You’re absolutely correct. The 2nd group would never be satisfied.

There’s a group of folks in eq tlp that constantly complains about boxes. The layers arguments are almost identical.

Adding new servers is not the solution. Forcibly moving people to the existing low population realms so that layering is unnecessary on any server, is the solution.

Blizzard, man up and move people, then provide paid transfers for those desperate to get back. The bulk of people won’t move, and you get cash from the whales trying to get back to “ASMON LAYER”.