New Servers without Layering

Could transfer over to the newer servers that didnt have people at max to exploit, at least significantly.

How am I lying to you?

They should fix the raid Id and dungeon issue so going forward it is not a problem, right? You sound like they should just give up because “the damage has already been done”. They can prevent further damage by fixing it, right?

Other than these specific issues they should be able to correct, what are you upset about?

Not to mention wouldn’t having some non layering servers help to fix the layering issue? Less people on layering servers means easier transition in phase 2.

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The passion shown in this thread is remarkable. Let’s hope it doesn’t go unnoticed by Blizzard.

Part of me thinks they may leave things as they are and “solve” the raid ID issue by sticking to the plan of removing layers over time, since at 1 layer left problem goes away right?

But my hope is they can code something in quick during this week.

I would re-roll and loose my lvl57 and lvl34 characters to get away from the taint of the exploits. Unless they ban the heck out of everyone and remove items / gold…It’s still tainted though which is sad. Love the game, just not how classic has been handled to this point.

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Seems like a lot of people would. Hopefully Blizz makes it happen.
Would help to move some people away from layering servers as well which would make it easier to remove the layering for phase 2.

Layering is not the enemy. People who exploit the mechanic are. I get that, i really do, but as i have said in other threads, if i have to choose between Layering, and all that comes with it, and actually playing the game, or having no layering, and sitting in Queues for hours, im going to choose having layering every time.

It’s not the ideal solution, but it allows people to play. There is no easy solution any more. There are 2 probable results. Either they remove laying and lose a lot of subs because people wont continue to pay for a game they cant get in to, or they keep layering for now, and the people who are against that quit because its there. Either way, no one really benefits.


You can have your layered servers, others want vanilla-like servers. If we have ques, so be it.

My layered server has queues as it is, I’d be more enthusiastic to sit through them if when they were through I was on a server not full of exploiters.

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That’s fine, but right now that choice doesn’t exist. Everyone has to endure layering.

There is a 3rd result: offering non-layered servers. Maybe just one of each type would suffice, as the vast majority of players won’t start over. But there is a portion who are willing to deal with the negatives of having no layering. So Blizzard simply needs to provide that option.

I’m not assuming.

There are varied opinions. I’m expressing and supporting one such opinion.

The alternative to generalizing would be to list every individual’s opinion.

Yes it is. Vanilla had much lower server caps for a reason. Rare items stayed “rare” and it was a small town feel. But alas I must say that it was entirely my fault for purchasing a subscription, I knew there would be layering going in.

They don’t “owe” it, but it’s the right thing to do. I can see lots of people leaving classic over the ruined server economies.

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i hope this happens. cause i’d like to see the reactions of 10-15k people on a no layered server fight over quest mobs.

blizzard already made a statement about the layering, and some methods of fixing it. they are aware of the instance layering and i’m sure they’ll take action.

folks just don’t realize that 10-15k people contributing to a singular server economy floods the market with everything anyway. no one wants to spend gold, so ya, those boe epics are going for 20-50g cause people want gold. supply and demand.

I was just talking about what we currently have. I dont realistically see them creating layer-less servers, until they get rid of layering completely. It would make sense, and probably stop a lot of the complaining, but i cant see them wanting to maintain 3 different server types for 1 game. OK 2, if you differentiate between retail and classic, which i guess you have to.

Rare items are still rare, proportionally speaking though. If there was 1 of item X per 1000 people, but now with larger server populations it’s 10 of item X per 10,000 people, it’s still a rare item, even if you see more of them on the AH

True, but this isnt Vanilla. Its a clone of vanilla, made with modern tech. They also stated that they didnt want to create too many servers because of the retail issue of ghost town servers, and then merging servers.

Making the same mistake twice isnt really a solution either.

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It’s no different on a layered server, since those 10-15k people are all part of the economy.

Actually, it’s worse since with each layer there’s more resources. It inflates the economy even worse.

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They should just delete the game at this point.